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The SL Education Roundtable meets each Tuesday from 2:30pm to 3:30pm SLT. Meetings are located here: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Montclair%20State%20CHSSSouth/129/158/22
and you can find us on Facebook here: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=44078263753

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Alphabetical list of meetings - by title
"Bridging" - 080602
"Discussion on Other VIrtual Worlds"- 080520
"Discussion on the justification for having land/space in SL." - 080415
"Discussion on the new, required, SL viewer." - 080408
"Do Appearances Realy Matter for Educators in SL? - 080325
"Legal Issues" - 080527
"Informal Learning" - 080624
"Library Services in SL with special guest Lori Bell (SLL Lorelei Junot)"- 080722
"Mature and PG Content"- 080708
"Open Forum" - 080422
"Open Forum" - 080429
"Open Forum" - 080610
"Open Forum" - 080617
"Open Forum" - 080805
"Open Forum" - 080826
"Open Forum" - 080923
"Open Forum" - 081014
"Open Forum" - 081021
"Open Forum - Focused on education" - 081007
"Open Forum - Guest Moderator: Intellagirl Tully" - 080506
"Open Grid Initiatives in Higher Ed" - 080701
"Real Life Education Meeting" - 080715
"Second Life Education Community Conference 2008"- 080729
"SLEdCC Presentations and Their Happy Presenters" - 080812
"Teaching in Second Life" -080819
"The U.S. Presidential Election and It's Impact on U.S. and Global Education." -081118
"What do we say to, and how do we deal with, skeptics" - 080304
"What is Google really up to, regarding a virtual environment, and how will that impact Higher Education?" - 080401