SL Education Roundtable - Montclair State Islands
Tuesday, October 21, 2008
"Open Forum"
Part of this transcript have been edited for readability.

[15:24] AJ Brooks: dude! Joanna! JC!
[15:24] JoannaTrail Blazer: hey :)
[15:24] AJ Brooks: log minutes 90
[15:24] Wainbrave Bernal: HEY!!!!
[15:24] JeanClaude Vollmar: Hey AJ
[15:24] Wainbrave Bernal: how are you AJ?
[15:24] AJ Brooks: log minutes 90
[15:25] Wainbrave Bernal: and Joanna!
[15:25] JoannaTrail Blazer: :)
[15:25] AJ Brooks: sorry - I was getting the chat logger sset up hopefully this one is good - last week I had the wrong version out
[15:25] Eneias Pessoa: Hi everybody.
[15:25] Wainbrave Bernal: ha ha
[15:26] AJ Brooks: Dude - The Velks need to get together after educause you going to orlando?
[15:26] Wainbrave Bernal: I won't be at EduCause :(
[15:26] AJ Brooks: drat
[15:26] Skagen Vita: hi
[15:26] Wainbrave Bernal: Sarah will be there
[15:26] JeanClaude Vollmar: I'm ready to go already. Can't wait.
[15:26] AJ Brooks: and me and chris yeah - JC - me too
[15:27] Wainbrave Bernal: grrr.... man - I'm so lame :D
[15:27] AJ Brooks: i'm not sure (JC) we're going to hear from Peter - so just check out the time on the schdule and be at the meeting - I'll be there for the first few minutes anyway - joanna - you're going again this year, right?
[15:27] Wainbrave Bernal: I gotta go to Washington D.C. for an NSF grant directors meeting
[15:27] JoannaTrail Blazer: no funding for me to go this year AJ
[15:27] Bri Hancroft: ok got it
[15:27] AJ Brooks: drat
[15:27] JoannaTrail Blazer: yeah
[15:27] AJ Brooks: you did such a great job last year
[15:27] JoannaTrail Blazer: aww thank you :)
[15:28] AJ Brooks: i loved your presentation was glad I wasn't one of the ones shut out of it
[15:28] JoannaTrail Blazer: it was a packed room, shows how much interest there is in virtual worlds yeah
[15:28] Bri Hancroft: how can I get on the permitted speakers list?
[15:28] AJ Brooks: and there ar SO many things going on this year
[15:28] JoannaTrail Blazer: click the thing in the centre of the table
[15:28] AJ Brooks: oh - for those just arriving - click the object in the middle of the table and please do join us at the table we all just sit around, no spectators :-) uh - neuron
[15:29] AJ Brooks: lol
[15:29] JoannaTrail Blazer: hehe
[15:29] Wainbrave Bernal: the centerpiece!
[15:29] Neuron Shepherd: sorry about that break in seating protocol
[15:29] AJ Brooks: the signs you see are for the meetings I'l be telling you about
[15:29] JoannaTrail Blazer: i kinda like it lol
[15:29] AJ Brooks: lol -
[15:29] JoannaTrail Blazer: Wheeee! ^.^
[15:29] AJ Brooks: lol
[15:29] Wainbrave Bernal: rofl
[15:29] AJ Brooks: i'll mention this to the scripter
[15:30] JoannaTrail Blazer: hehehe
[15:30] AJ Brooks: we're going to give folks a few more minutes toroll in
[15:30] JoannaTrail Blazer: okies
[15:30] Bri Hancroft: is there a guest speaker today?
[15:30] AJ Brooks: nope - tonight is an open forum, although I have a few important things to tell everyone also
[15:31] Bri Hancroft: Ok thank you
[15:31] AJ Brooks: i see wwe have a few folks out at the tp point
[15:31] AJ Brooks shouts: COME ON IN EVERYONE grab an empty seat - there will alwasy be one more then needed and clikc the thing on the center of the table to get added to the chat logger
[15:32] Bri Hancroft: Is everyone here from Montclair State?
[15:32] AJ Brooks: I am
[15:32] JoannaTrail Blazer: negative batman
[15:32] Neuron Shepherd: i am not
[15:32] Olivia Hotshot: I'm at Cal State
[15:32] ShaRae Karu: not me
[15:32] JeanClaude Vollmar: We're from all over the world
[15:32] AJ Brooks: we'll get a chance to introduce in just a second
[15:32] Kayako Mayako: Tulane University
[15:32] JoannaTrail Blazer: I am from the Masters of Digital Media Program @ Great Northern Way campus in Canada :)
[15:32] Sleepy Littlething: hi everyone
[15:32] AJ Brooks: hi sleepy grab an empty seat
[15:32] Bri Hancroft: im from TCNJ...i have to do a project on rhetoric in second life
[15:32] AJ Brooks: we're about to get started
[15:33] Sleepy Littlething: hi all
[15:33] JoannaTrail Blazer: hi new arrivals grab a seat, it will spawn another
[15:33] JoannaTrail Blazer smiles
[15:33] AJ Brooks: hi tuxedo welcome back
[15:33] Tuxedo Ninetails: Hi Aj - hi everyone
[15:33] AJ Brooks: ok - lest get started Hi everyone, and welcome.
[15:34] Tuxedo Ninetails: Hi Aj - hi everyone
[15:34] AJ Brooks: This is the SL Education Roundtable, made possible by the College of Humanities and Social Sciences at Montclair State University. We meet here each week at 3:30pm SLT for an hour. Sometimes we have a topic, sometimes its an open forum, like this evening. A few announcements, before we get started. This is a pubilc meeting, and we keep transcripts of the chat. Past meeting chat transcripts can be found in The HUGE Bldg, just outside the Amphitheater. Enter the door that runs along the canal and make a left. We do have a chat logger - its here in the middle of the table. we are asking everyone to click it so their comments are logged. If you don't you will get a reminder each time that you are not being logged.This is being tested - if all goes well, I'll have info soon on when this might be available. I'm not the scripter, so please hold off on questions for now. If you have Mystitool on, or other similiar tool, please put it to sleep. :-)
[15:35] AJ Brooks: On Wednesday, October 22nd, from 3pm SLT to 5pm SLT, here in the CHSSSouth Amphitheater, the EDUCAUSE Virtual Worlds Second Life Group will be meeting. We will be discussions a few things, but most important will be the upcoming simultaneous meeting of the EDUCAUSE Virtual Worlds Constitutent Group the following week (more in a moment). Please join us, even if you will not be in Orlando at the EDUCAUSE Annual Conference. Please also put aside the 29th of October, that is a Wednesday. The EDUCAUSE Virtual Worlds Constituent Group will be having its Annual Meeting in Orlando and there will also be a meeting here in SL. Details to follow, but feel free to join the EDUCAUSE Virutal Worlds group here in SL or come to our meeting just mentioned, at 3pm SLT on the 22nd The meeting will take place here also Both IN WORLD events (the 22nd and 29th) are free and one does not need to be a member of EDUCAUSE to attend. The IN PERSON event is included as part of the EDUCAUSE Annual Conference registration.
[15:35] AJ Brooks: On the side wall, here inside the Amphitheater, there is a notecard giver with information on the D.I.D.I program. Click the sign to grab a notcard and "Learn how you can receive up to $1000 USD seed funding for social entrepreneurial ventures with the Dream It. Do It. Initiative in Second Life!" This meeting happens each week, but we are looking to develop a community of educators from around the world with a variety of thoughts, needs, and ideas. Please join the SL EDUCATION ROUNDTABLE group. If you have problems finding it in search, IM me and I will send you an invite sometime after this meeing but before I log for the night. As the group grows, there will be announcements and such that will be exclusive to the group. I'm also open for ideas of what can bring value to the group. As the group grows, there will be announcements and such that will be exclusive to the group. I'm also open for ideas of what can bring value to the group. opps – sorry At this point, next weeks meeting will also be an open forum. If you have an idea for a future meeting, please drop me a notecard or an IM. Lastly, please wander around the island - tonight after the meeting or come back any time. we're currently up to 21 different educational community members here on CHSSSouth. There are also numerous learning areas on the adjoining islands, Montclair State CHSS and Montclair State CEHSADP
[15:37] AJ Brooks: We'll start our meeting as we usually do. Please introduce yourself. Tell us who you are, where you are from, and what you do. No need to wait for others to type - go ahead and enter your information right away, we can all catch up in chat history. I am AJ Kelton, I'm the Director of Emerging Instructional Technology for the College of Humanities and Social Sciences at Montclair State University and the Coordinator of the Second Life Project for the College of Education and Human Services, also at MSU.. We're located in northern New Jersey, just fourteen miles from midtown Manhattan.
[15:37] RubyTuesday Ballyhoo: Donna Murphy, Edinboro University of PA--Professor of Special Education
[15:38] Kavon Zenovka: Kae from Front Range Community College in CO
[15:38] AJ Brooks: i see hands typing - so I won't start prodding peopel with my cow poke.
[15:38] Zolt Wind: Jason Zagami, Griffith Uni Gold Coast Australia, Educational researcher
[15:38] AJ Brooks: :-)
[15:38] Olivia Hotshot: Ann Steckel, Instructional Technology Consultant at Cal State Chico - formerly from NJ and have een to Montclair many times
[15:38] Bri Hancroft: Bri Hancroft...communications major from The College of new Jersey
[15:38] JeanClaude Vollmar: I'm JC, Jeff Le Blanc in RL. I'm the VP for IT at the University of Northwestern Ohio. We're in the middle of a HUGE corn field in Ohio. :-)
[15:38] Eneias Pessoa: Eneias Pessoa (RL Virgílio A. P. Machado) is a Professor of Industrial Engineering at the Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia of the Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal.
[15:38] JoannaTrail Blazer: I am a research associate and instructor specializing in MMOs and Virtual Worlds at the Masters of Digital Media Program @ the Centre for Digital Media, Great Northern Way Campus in Vancouver You can learn more about us on the site, by clicking "place", "Virtual Centre for Digital Media" :)
[15:38] Neuron Shepherd: Neuron Shepherd, Scotland, thinking about leanring in virtual environments
[15:38] Sleepy Littlething: I'm Sleepy Littlething. I have just completed my MSc in Technology and Learning at Trinity college, Dublin where I completed my research thesis in SL and am about to embark on a PhD
[15:38] Wainbrave Bernal: Jonathon Richter at UOregon : Research Associate at the Center for Advanced Technology in Education, Director of the Center for Learning in Virtual Environmends and chair of the AERA special interest group on virtual worlds ARVEL
[15:38] AJ Brooks: anyone else?
[15:38] ShaRae Karu: Shannon Dillman, Instructional Designer, North Dakota Center for Distance Education, Fargo, ND
[15:38] Zotarah Shepherd: I am a MA in Education (technology and psychology) student at Sonoma State University in northern California working an a curriculum project: Teaching and Learning Life-Skills in Second Life.
[15:39] AJ Brooks: is that everyone?
[15:39] Olivia Hotshot waves to Zotarah in Sonoma from Chico =)
[15:39] Tuxedo Ninetails: I'm a teacher and currently student doing research on T&L in SL
[15:39] AJ Brooks: Ok - thanks everyone. Oh, one final note - it is really hard for me to keep up with IMs while I run the meeting, but I promise to get back to anyone who IMs me as soon after the meeting as I can.
[15:39] Kavon Zenovka: Kae from Front Range Community College in CO
[15:39] AJ Brooks: especially if you can't find the group SL EDUCATION ROUNDTABLE to join
[15:39] Zotarah Shepherd waves back to Olivia *smiles*
[15:40] Meta4 Minotaur: Jair, Member, Institute of Cognitive & Decision Sciences, University of Oregon
[15:40] AJ Brooks: ok - the big announcement everyone has been waiting for opps - sorry - some folks still introducing? ok
[15:40] JoannaTrail Blazer drum rolls for big announcement....
[15:40] Neuron Shepherd: drum roll
[15:40] AJ Brooks: I inquired with those on the SLER list about the date and time
[15:40] Kayako Mayako: Hi, Kay McLennan from the School of Continuing Studies at Tulane University. I teach economics and marketing courses online to non traditional students. In SL I am currently working on [I hope] learning how to develop 3D economics models (in addition to working with a few faculty members and students). Also, I will not be at the RL meeting but will be at the in-world meeting(s).
[15:40] AJ Brooks: but I also asked the SLED list and VW list since we want to try to attrack folks who do not normally come I did, hoever, give greater weight to the people who reponded and are part of the SLER group membership has its privs :-)
[15:41] Zotarah Shepherd: Sounds like an awesome project Kayako
[15:41] AJ Brooks: So - next week - the 218th, our meeting will be at its regular time this time but it will be a special meeting and I'll talk about that in a second but starting on November 4th (Election Night in the US), we will go BACK to our original time 2:30pm SLT on Tuesdays so - in two weeks, we will start meeting at 2:30pm SLT one hour earlier its hard to make everyone happy
[15:42] Grazie Rossini: I'm Jennifer Frank, a doctoral student at Fielding Graduate University and former Colorado community college employee.
[15:42] AJ Brooks: but this was the one time that made the most peopel happy now - about next week I will be in Orlando for EDUCAUSE
[15:43] Wainbrave Bernal: is the drum still rolling?
[15:43] AJ Brooks: so I thought we might combine this meeting with a meet-up lol so for those folks who are in orlando, we'll meet up - and then we'll come in world for this meeting at 3:30pm SLT
[15:43] Wainbrave Bernal: here?
[15:44] AJ Brooks: yes - the inworld portion will be here
[15:44] RubyTuesday Ballyhoo: uhm--that would be 5:30 Orlando time, right? I think I'll still be in-flight...
[15:44] AJ Brooks: 6:30
[15:44] Wainbrave Bernal: Maybe I can log in from my hotel room in D.C.! :D
[15:44] AJ Brooks: 3 hours diff 3:30pm SLT = 6:30pm ET ok - so that it on the meeting - speard the word
[15:45] RubyTuesday Ballyhoo: ah--just lazy math on my part
[15:45] AJ Brooks: look forward to meeting peopel in Orlando and all of us meeting here as well - an SLER meet up
[15:45] JoannaTrail Blazer: should be fun!
[15:45] AJ Brooks: Another thing I have for our group is this a fe announements have come through the group via notices that were not directly related to this meeting there is nothing currently posted about this - although I do have notices open at the moment so I'll be making up a survey and asking the group two questions no need to answer now you'll get the link to the survey 1) Do we want to leve notices open to everyone or just admins 2) do we want content for anything or only SLER related items you will get your chance to respond via the survey now - that survey will ONLY go to the SLER group (via an announcement) so join if you want to have a say that's it for housekeeping, anyone have any questions?
[15:47] Zotarah Shepherd: Sorry I crashed
[15:47] AJ Brooks: oh - if you have not done so yet
[15:47] JoannaTrail Blazer: welcomeb ack
[15:47] AJ Brooks: please clikc the object in the middle of the table
[15:47] evesapple75 Kuhn: I crashed too
[15:47] AJ Brooks: to be added to the chat log ack -peopel are crashing?
[15:48] RubyTuesday Ballyhoo: slow rezzes, too
[15:48] AJ Brooks: hmm - we're not anywhere neaer the sim limit must either be SL or a local network
[15:48] JoannaTrail Blazer: 21 people here, can slow down folks on not so great connections/hardware
[15:49] AJ Brooks: yes - and I'm hoping folks ahve turned their bling and huds off esecially things like mystitool - which you can put to sleep
[15:49] Zotarah Shepherd: It was on my end for me
[15:49] AJ Brooks: the slog the sim also
[15:49] RubyTuesday Ballyhoo: how to put Mystitool to sleep?
[15:50] AJ Brooks: click the mystitool button bottom right next to LM
[15:50] Sleepy Littlething: click on mystiTool HUD button and choose sleep
[15:50] AJ Brooks: then scroll through the options sleep will be one of them then you can unsleep the same way
[15:50] RubyTuesday Ballyhoo: guess I odn't have it
[15:50] AJ Brooks: if you don't ahve the two whie globes at the bottom (or someplace )on your screen - you're mystitool is probably not attached
[15:51] RubyTuesday Ballyhoo: I guess I'm mysti-free
[15:51] AJ Brooks: folks standing around - or in the amphitheater, feel free to join us at the table anyone have a pressing issue they'd like to raise? everyone so quite today this is highly unusual I usually have to rein folks in
[15:52] Wainbrave Bernal: I'm press free
[15:52] AJ Brooks: :-)
[15:52] JoannaTrail Blazer hears whispering
[15:52] AJ Brooks: press free?
[15:52] Wainbrave Bernal: (nothing pressing)
[15:52] RubyTuesday Ballyhoo: I am too swamped to think, aj
[15:52] AJ Brooks: ahhhh lol
[15:52] JoannaTrail Blazer: hi Barbara and Eve's apple
[15:53] ShaRae Karu: i'm just hear to listen and learn...
[15:53] Barbara Meads: hi
[15:53] AJ Brooks: straw poll - by saying YES - how many of you are curerntly using SL to teach
[15:53] RubyTuesday Ballyhoo: ok--off topic. Grazie--where did you getr that cool group name?
[15:53] Wainbrave Bernal: I'd like to let everyone know about a couple NSF grants we've received doing work in SL
[15:53] JoannaTrail Blazer: YES
[15:53] Olivia Hotshot: (Teaching faculty how to teach with it) Yes
[15:53] Grazie Rossini: Me too on listening and learning.
[15:53] Sleepy Littlething: soon
[15:53] Aerdna Beaumont: YES
[15:53] RubyTuesday Ballyhoo: I am, kind of
[15:53] ShaRae Karu: not using to teach yet
[15:53] Barbara Meads: i did
[15:53] Kayako Mayako: Not yet. Just teaching folks -- faculty and students -- about the platform.
[15:54] Grazie Rossini: I'll send you a group ivite.
[15:54] Wainbrave Bernal: We're going to integrate Gaming and Simulation Development curriculum into Second Life
[15:54] AJ Brooks: you folks who are using it with students, what are you dong?
[15:54] RubyTuesday Ballyhoo: I'm exploroing the possibilities with some distance ed grad students thanks, G!
[15:54] Barbara Meads: i used SL a bit
[15:54] AJ Brooks: great Wain, can you tell us about that?
[15:54] Sleepy Littlething: wo Wainbrave, that sounds interesting
[15:54] Wainbrave Bernal: and for the other, we're going to follow Sun Microsystems to see what they're doing to innovate / collaborate in SL and Project Wonderland
[15:54] Tuxedo Ninetails: about to run a seminar for my co-students
[15:55] Wainbrave Bernal: sure :)
[15:55] Sleepy Littlething: What stuff are you looking at Ruby? I have a friend that I could put you in touch with if you're interested - she's just completed a project to do with that area
[15:55] Wainbrave Bernal: Lane Community College here in Oregon has 10 computer science courses for Gaming and Simulation Development
[15:56] RubyTuesday Ballyhoo: That would be great, Sleepy! I've had input from several SL profs. Can I email you offline?
[15:56] Sleepy Littlething: sure
[15:56] RubyTuesday Ballyhoo: grea.
[15:56] Wainbrave Bernal: we're going to work on porting them to SL and use the API to support
[15:56] AJ Brooks: and do what exactly in SL? seems to be some chat lag also
[15:57] Wainbrave Bernal: allow students to take classes and learn how to make games
[15:57] AJ Brooks nods anyone here using sl for non-classroom activities
[15:57] Wainbrave Bernal: learn about the Gaming industry etc.
[15:57] ShaRae Karu: i am doing reasearch for a presentation on using 2nd life and other such social networking groups in distance education
[15:57] Wainbrave Bernal: sure!
[15:58] AJ Brooks: Sha, what is your research question?
[15:58] Wainbrave Bernal: For the Sun Microsystems grant we're doing a "virtual ethnography"
[15:58] Olivia Hotshot: i am working with nursing faculty who are asking their students to explore Health Info island for a scavenger hunt type activity. next they will be meeting as groups and developing activities.
[15:58] Wainbrave Bernal: and creating a typology of collaborative routines
[15:58] Kavon Zenovka: Actually - we've started to put on events closer to student life than a classroom setting
[15:59] Wainbrave Bernal: that's interesting Olivia
[15:59] Tuxedo Ninetails: I'm like ShaRae - preparing for a presentation for my masters class
[15:59] Kavon Zenovka: Talk like a Pirate Day & a SL Web Comics Con
[15:59] ShaRae Karu: it seems that there is so much potential... i am just amazedby what has already been done
[15:59] AJ Brooks: student life, hu - very intersting - our student development and campus life is very intersted and getting iveested in SL
[15:59] Kayako Mayako: As a possible non classroom activity, I am developing and taking some materials back to my e-teaching. For example, I surveyed three SL entrepreneurs about their in-world marketing activities using the same questions I used in RL learning materials. In turn, I developed slide shows of the findings and uploaded them into my Bb course site.
[15:59] evesapple75 Kuhn: I am planning to do a scavenger hunt type too with my science methods class at Genome island
[15:59] RubyTuesday Ballyhoo: Aaaaaaarrrgh!!! To many conversation bubbles!!! I can'tkeeep track!!
[16:00] ShaRae Karu: has anyone used sloodle?
[16:00] evesapple75 Kuhn: Also, I am creating 30+ avatars for my class.
[16:00] Kavon Zenovka: We're tyring ot figure it out. Our next event will be on Nov. 1st and we're wondering exactly what to do.
[16:00] AJ Brooks: local chat that is the best way to follow the conversation - by having local chat open
[16:00] Olivia Hotshot: Sloodle is currently on my plate. Just starting though
[16:00] RubyTuesday Ballyhoo: I do
[16:00] AJ Brooks: it takes up screen realestate, but it makes life so much easier
[16:00] Aerdna Beaumont: I use Sloodle
[16:00] AJ Brooks: oh - ok :-)
[16:00] JoannaTrail Blazer: The Masters of Digital Media students participate in rapid prototyping for real world projects in SL, as well as Building Virtual Worlds required class, making machinimas and environments, mixed reality campus events....etc... and also industry funded projects, currently we are doing a series of machinimas for BC government.
[16:00] ShaRae Karu: how does it work?
[16:00] RubyTuesday Ballyhoo: sorry--i have SERIOUS adhd...
[16:01] ShaRae Karu: sloodle, that is
[16:01] AJ Brooks: lol - but you are right, now that we have a few threads, perhaps we should focus on one so lets look at SLoodle
[16:01] Olivia Hotshot: ShaRae - are you using the Moodle LMS?
[16:01] AJ Brooks: how many peopel ahve ever heard of SLoodle - say YES
[16:01] ShaRae Karu: yes
[16:01] Olivia Hotshot: Yes
[16:01] RubyTuesday Ballyhoo: yes
[16:01] Aerdna Beaumont: Works very good, i was in the sloodle developers meeting before coming here
[16:01] Wainbrave Bernal: yes
[16:01] JoannaTrail Blazer: YES, but we have opted to not use it with our moodle
[16:01] Kayako Mayako: yes
[16:01] Olivia Hotshot: me too Aerdna :)
[16:01] Sleepy Littlething: yes interesting - why Joanna?
[16:02] Wainbrave Bernal: do people find Sloodle useful? ... please describe
[16:02] AJ Brooks: wowo - ok - so at least 50% of you have, and the other 50% have not
[16:02] Aerdna Beaumont: yes
[16:02] JeanClaude Vollmar: Yes
[16:02] Tuxedo Ninetails: Can someone give a brief description of what Sloodle is and does?
[16:02] AJ Brooks: can lol - you took the words right out of my mouth can one of you give us a readers digest version of what sloodle is someone who is teaching in RL and SL with it maybe and can tell of first hand experiences buehler?
[16:03] ShaRae Karu: anyone?
[16:03] Tuxedo Ninetails: Aerdna?
[16:03] AJ Brooks knocks on microhone
[16:03] AJ Brooks: is this thing on?
[16:03] Olivia Hotshot: basically it is SL integrated into a Learning management system
[16:03] RubyTuesday Ballyhoo: :)
[16:03] Sleepy Littlething: I'm really sorry, I have to run, I have to be up early tomorrow (now today) for a meeting - will this chat be listed somewhere?
[16:04] ShaRae Karu: is it restricted?
[16:04] AJ Brooks: yes - eventually posted in the HUGE building next to this
[16:04] Aerdna Beaumont: no its free
[16:04] Sleepy Littlething: ok ty
[16:04] Olivia Hotshot: Moodle is a system used enterprise wide
[16:04] JeanClaude Vollmar: I'm wondering too... Can it be use with anything besides Moodle?
[16:04] Tuxedo Ninetails: What form is the integration?
[16:04] JoannaTrail Blazer: @ Sleepy - some of our instructors use moodle, the instructor I am working with for Building Virtual Worlds (ex Linden Jeffrey Ventrella) hates the user interface and built an internal course webpage instead.
[16:04] Wainbrave Bernal: there are a number of tools under development for SLoodle that look promising
[16:04] Olivia Hotshot: It looks like Angel is the next integration
[16:04] Tuxedo Ninetails: Is it just a link within Moodle, or a stronger integration?
[16:04] Wainbrave Bernal: Angel?
[16:05] Aerdna Beaumont: its a mashup
[16:05] Olivia Hotshot: Angel is another LMS
[16:05] AJ Brooks: Angle has its own island here
[16:05] JoannaTrail Blazer: It's not because SLoodle "sucks", we just went another route. Moodle can be modified to suit user's needs for the most part.
[16:05] AJ Brooks: moodle is open source and free and can even be run on a local machine
[16:05] Sleepy Littlething: interesting, as an end-user I wasn't keen, but as an educator in SL I really like the idea
[16:05] Wainbrave Bernal: Blackboard had a $30,000 grant for doing "something" two years ago at SLCC -- don't know what happened to is
[16:05] Sleepy Littlething: I found it a bit clonky
[16:05] Olivia Hotshot: it requires a lot of inhouse mod - but it is well worth it
[16:05] JoannaTrail Blazer: So what I meant to express is I don't have first hand experience testing Sloodle, while I do with Moodle on it's own. So I am interested in folks experiences here.
[16:05] AJ Brooks: although the LMS would be off line when the machien was offline what parts are common between SL and Moodle - what is the intergration piece (s)
[16:06] Wainbrave Bernal: chat logging :)
[16:06] Aerdna Beaumont: choice
[16:06] AJ Brooks: and entering into a discussion thread?
[16:06] Olivia Hotshot: Joanna - one of the coolest integrations i have seen was the Quiz chair - where a student answered questions while seated in it, and the answers were recorded into the LMS
[16:06] Aerdna Beaumont: track system
[16:06] AJ Brooks: choice?
[16:06] Aerdna Beaumont: sloodle choice
[16:06] ShaRae Karu: this might be a silly qyestion, but can the students access SL as they normally would if we rant it through sloodle
[16:06] Wainbrave Bernal: as you answer correctly, your quiz chair moves higher up
[16:07] Sleepy Littlething: If I understand what you mean - yes
[16:07] Aerdna Beaumont: studend can use from moodle or choice from sloodle
[16:07] RubyTuesday Ballyhoo: Love the "rant" typo. How I feel right now
[16:07] Olivia Hotshot: literally "go to the head of the class" =)
[16:07] Tuxedo Ninetails: Ahhh! Quiz chair sounds really interesting!
[16:07] AJ Brooks: wow - fizzy lifting chair
[16:07] Wainbrave Bernal: that's cool
[16:07] Aerdna Beaumont: students love it
[16:07] Olivia Hotshot: also there are interactive surveys that can be recorded into the LMS
[16:07] Sleepy Littlething: I like the fact taht it allows students to interact if they don't have access (either institutional or personal home hardware) to participate in classes in SL
[16:07] Wainbrave Bernal: there's authentication working into it too
[16:07] AJ Brooks: ldap
[16:07] JoannaTrail Blazer: @ Olivia, that sounds neat! Well, we are developing a Masters of Digital Media program for execs (a version of our existing program you can take remotely) so I will be considering the options for SL integration for that.
[16:08] Wainbrave Bernal: right
[16:08] AJ Brooks: how does the LDAP work with SL
[16:08] Olivia Hotshot nods at Joanna's comment - so much is going on! :)
[16:08] Wainbrave Bernal: and a blogging tool - a blog HUD
[16:08] JoannaTrail Blazer: Such an exciting time :)
[16:08] Sleepy Littlething: sorry gotta go guys - hope to stay longer next time
[16:08] JeanClaude Vollmar: So have any of you using Angel heard any status of their integration into SL?
[16:08] Wainbrave Bernal: so you can post a blog post to Moodle
[16:08] JoannaTrail Blazer: bye Sleepy :)
[16:09] AJ Brooks: bye sleepy - see you next time
[16:09] RubyTuesday Ballyhoo: Exciting is right! I wish everyone could see the potential...
[16:09] Olivia Hotshot: JeanClaude - the Sloodler group is currently discussing just that
[16:09] AJ Brooks: straw poll - if you;'ve ever heard fo Angle LMS - say YES
[16:09] JoannaTrail Blazer: In time Ruby :)
[16:09] AJ Brooks: YES
[16:09] Aerdna Beaumont: yes
[16:09] ShaRae Karu: yes
[16:09] RubyTuesday Ballyhoo: yes--but don't know squat about it
[16:09] JeanClaude Vollmar: Yes
[16:09] Wainbrave Bernal: yes
[16:09] Tuxedo Ninetails: Yes - heard but no nore.
[16:09] Olivia Hotshot: yes
[16:09] Eneias Pessoa: No
[16:09] RubyTuesday Ballyhoo: :)
[16:09] Kavon Zenovka: yes
[16:09] JeanClaude Vollmar: So sloodle will be the interface to Angel then Olivia?
[16:09] Kavon Zenovka: heard but never seen
[16:10] Wainbrave Bernal: Intellagirl built Angel's island in SL
[16:10] Olivia Hotshot: apparently so JeanClaude
[16:10] AJ Brooks: ok - so about 1/3 of you
[16:10] Wainbrave Bernal: partly anyways
[16:10] Zotarah Shepherd: No
[16:10] Aerdna Beaumont: Its a concept proof
[16:10] JoannaTrail Blazer: Intellagirl rocks.
[16:10] Olivia Hotshot: wait i mean SL into angel :)
[16:10] Wainbrave Bernal: yes Intellagirl ROCKS! (go Velks)
[16:10] JoannaTrail Blazer: *Wewtwewt *
[16:10] RubyTuesday Ballyhoo: That's a cool factoid--Intellagirl is one of my heroes. I'll have to learn more about Angel...
[16:10] AJ Brooks: uh - yeah - she does - but how did that come up? AHHHH I see it well - she built SOME of the island
[16:11] JoannaTrail Blazer: someone mentioned she built the sim
[16:11] AJ Brooks: and she DOES totally rock
[16:11] JoannaTrail Blazer: ohk :)
[16:11] Wainbrave Bernal: (placing the guitar next the amp for maximum feedback)
[16:11] Zotarah Shepherd: Except on the teen grid
[16:11] AJ Brooks: ?
[16:11] RubyTuesday Ballyhoo: Not a Hendrix fan?
[16:12] Aerdna Beaumont: they are going to try Sloodle in teen grid soon
[16:12] AJ Brooks: ah - got it
[16:12] Kayako Mayako: What is the authentication angle? (I was AFK and am just catching up on the chat.) I am interested in the authentication after Congress added this item to the Higher Education Reauthorization Act.
[16:12] AJ Brooks: asn't making the connection
[16:12] RubyTuesday Ballyhoo: Authentication angle of what? SL? Angel?
[16:12] Olivia Hotshot: Kayako - the las meeting i attended on authentification was that mcuh if it is in limbo at the time
[16:12] AJ Brooks: is Angel developing I've not heard much from them recently
[16:13] Olivia Hotshot: pardon the poor typing
[16:13] Wainbrave Bernal: Sloodle allows one to authenticate between a registered account on Moodle and a SL avatar
[16:13] AJ Brooks: s'ok - we all speak typo fluently
[16:13] RubyTuesday Ballyhoo: Ah! OK
[16:14] Wainbrave Bernal: but that's different from authentication of which Congress bespeaks methinks
[16:14] RubyTuesday Ballyhoo: well, that was my question...
[16:14] Olivia Hotshot: Wain - but now there is an authentication feature that is being added to all distance classes - but a lot of it has yet to be determined - just jargonish law at this point
[16:14] AJ Brooks: speaking so sloodle
[16:14] RubyTuesday Ballyhoo: bespeaks? methinks? E;ozabethan Emglanc?
[16:15] AJ Brooks: ladies and gentlemen - mr buddy sprocket!
[16:15] Kayako Mayako: To Olivia, I agree that we -- in distance ed -- are not likely to be required to do much else other than use password protected course management systems. However, just as soon as more technology is available...
[16:15] Wainbrave Bernal: yes, Olivia - I have heard the rumblings...
[16:15] RubyTuesday Ballyhoo: In English: Elizabethan English
[16:15] Olivia Hotshot: they want to make sure the student who SAYS they are on the distance end is the student who is registered for the class & receiving credit
[16:15] Olivia Hotshot: sorry Wain
[16:15] RubyTuesday Ballyhoo: oooooh! Hi, Buddy!
[16:15] Buddy Sprocket: hi there my ears were burning
[16:15] RubyTuesday Ballyhoo: Great Timing!!!
[16:15] AJ Brooks: Hey Buddy
[16:15] Wainbrave Bernal: it's Buddy!
[16:15] Buddy Sprocket: :-)
[16:15] AJ Brooks: yes - they were
[16:15] Aerdna Beaumont: Hi buddy!
[16:15] Wainbrave Bernal: now for questions about Sloodle!!!!
[16:15] Olivia Hotshot: hi buddy
[16:15] AJ Brooks: folks, Buddy is one of the Sloodly demi-gods
[16:16] Wainbrave Bernal: HERE is THE Sloodle dudes
[16:16] JeanClaude Vollmar: Cool!
[16:16] AJ Brooks: buddy - make sure you clikc the center chat logger
[16:16] JeanClaude Vollmar: So what about integrating in Angel then?
[16:16] Wainbrave Bernal: and it's too bad you can't hear him speak with his real voice, cuz he's got a voice like butter
[16:16] AJ Brooks: lol
[16:16] Kayako Mayako: Does anyone have the LM for the Angel island?
[16:16] RubyTuesday Ballyhoo: hmmmmm....which means?
[16:17] AJ Brooks: first off - what is the sloodle web site url?
[16:17] Buddy Sprocket:
[16:17] Kayako Mayako: Thank you Jean!
[16:17] RubyTuesday Ballyhoo: I'm referring to the buttery voice. Sounds like???
[16:17] JeanClaude Vollmar: Sure
[16:17] AJ Brooks: check the map for ANGEL Learning Island Isle - sorry
[16:17] Wainbrave Bernal: A Scottish Brogue
[16:17] RubyTuesday Ballyhoo: oooooooh....
[16:18] AJ Brooks: If its not Scottish.....
[16:18] RubyTuesday Ballyhoo: What's your heritage, Buddy
[16:18] AJ Brooks: he's from doodleland PEDRO!
[16:18] RubyTuesday Ballyhoo: :)
[16:18] Buddy Sprocket: my heritage? well, i was born in scotland but my great grandfather came from new york (True fact) so I'm part american
[16:18] Buddy Sprocket: ;-)
[16:19] Wainbrave Bernal: OMG! :)
[16:19] AJ Brooks: lol
[16:19] Pedro McMillan: eeep, still rezzing... I see ghostly floating nametags...
[16:19] RubyTuesday Ballyhoo: Ah--NY is a country to itself. I know--I'm a New Yourker
[16:19] JeanClaude Vollmar: Wow, snoodlers galor
[16:19] AJ Brooks: and to think we almost voted you off the island
[16:19] Christopher Flow: Heinz 57.
[16:19] AJ Brooks: so - sloodle demi-gods we were talking about sloodle and angle
[16:19] Tuxedo Ninetails grins
[16:20] RubyTuesday Ballyhoo: aj--did you, uhm, contact these guys???
[16:20] AJ Brooks: about 1/2 the folks here had never heard of sloodle no lol
[16:20] Buddy Sprocket: yeah, aerdna gave me heads up, so alghough ive been trying to log off for 30 mins, I thought i would drop in
[16:20] JeanClaude Vollmar: Yeah, some of us use Angel for an LMS
[16:20] Wainbrave Bernal: crud cake! I gotta log off and pick up me kids!
[16:20] AJ Brooks: :-(
[16:20] Buddy Sprocket: interestingly, there is a project just now to put an open-source SL 'front end' on an angel LMS
[16:20] RubyTuesday Ballyhoo: Hey, Belarius__are you from Sloodle??
[16:21] AJ Brooks: later wain
[16:21] Zotarah Shepherd: Good to see you here Wain
[16:21] Buddy Sprocket: but very early days on that, that is just starting
[16:21] Wainbrave Bernal: Good to see you all - Buddy, AJ, etc... we'll talk velks soon!
[16:21] JeanClaude Vollmar: Good news Buddy!
[16:21] Wainbrave Bernal: see you everyone! waves!
[16:21] Christopher Flow: bye
[16:21] Buddy Sprocket: im not involved in that, by wain
[16:21] RubyTuesday Ballyhoo: Bye!
[16:21] Buddy Sprocket: but was hearing about it
[16:22] JeanClaude Vollmar: Bye Wain
[16:22] Buddy Sprocket: moodle is not so popular in north america, but very big in south america, europe, new zealand, asia...
[16:22] RubyTuesday Ballyhoo: Interesting--why is that?
[16:22] Christopher Flow: Blackboard/WebCT
[16:22] Tuxedo Ninetails: Bye Wain! Thanks for your input.
[16:23] Buddy Sprocket: there is sometimes a bit of a domino effect....
[16:23] Olivia Hotshot: Moodle is becoming more popular in cali with the budget cuts and BB's fees so big
[16:23] ShaRae Karu: they're so expensive for us little peeps, tho
[16:23] JeanClaude Vollmar: Angel's been talking about an interface for probably a year or more now, but haven't seen any fruits of their labor
[16:23] Buddy Sprocket: south america because some countries there mandate open source for govt contracts
[16:23] Christopher Flow: That's a good policy. :-)
[16:23] AJ Brooks: Brasil is liek that
[16:24] Christopher Flow: In Korea, where I am, it's slowly catching on. But, like all new things here, in a single day, the whole country could be using it: poof!
[16:24] Buddy Sprocket: just now on sloodle project, we have some limited free Moodle/Sloodle hosting for people who will be using sloodle with a class, and offer free hosting also (with adverts!)
[16:24] AJ Brooks: lol
[16:24] Aerdna Beaumont: But US has more register courses than Brazil in moodle org
[16:25] RubyTuesday Ballyhoo: Ah...PAID courses? There's our capitalism at work...
[16:25] Pedro McMillan: has had some SLOODLE problems in the past, but I *think* it's all working now
[16:25] Christopher Flow: Many of the reg'd courses don't work, though. :-) Correct Pedro. I can attest to that. All good now. NInehub is also FAST to respond to tech problems.
[16:26] ShaRae Karu: gotta run; catch you all later - thanks for all the great info.
[16:26] RubyTuesday Ballyhoo: Chris--Are you implying...?
[16:26] Christopher Flow: ; -
[16:26] AJ Brooks: bye sha - thanks for cmooing
[16:26] RubyTuesday Ballyhoo: Bye!
[16:26] AJ Brooks: come back again - this time next week - 2:30pm after that
[16:27] ShaRae Karu: will do
[16:27] JeanClaude Vollmar: Bye Sha
[16:27] AJ Brooks: any other news on the SLoodle front, Buddy?
[16:28] Buddy Sprocket: well... we recently released a case study based on a class that chris flow here taught
[16:28] Christopher Flow: WooT!
[16:28] Buddy Sprocket: that was given out at SLEDcc, so some of you may have seen it
[16:28] Zotarah Shepherd: Is the study posted somewhere?
[16:28] Buddy Sprocket: let me get the link
[16:28] Zotarah Shepherd: Thanks
[16:29] Buddy Sprocket:
[16:29] AJ Brooks: argh - when I had Wain here I should have asked about the preceedings
[16:29] Buddy Sprocket: It shows SL and Sloodle as one part of a class - the real glue was Moodle itself,
[16:29] Christopher Flow: This term, we have 3 such exchanges going -- 150 students from 4 countries. :-)
[16:30] AJ Brooks: wow
[16:30] RubyTuesday Ballyhoo: Woah!!!!
[16:30] Buddy Sprocket: we are starting on trying to do one page 'cheat sheets' - got one drafted but not out yet
[16:30] AJ Brooks: excellent
[16:30] Christopher Flow: The tools have become so easy to use, it's simple to set up.
[16:30] Buddy Sprocket: but if you sign up to the forums at, you'd be able to see the draft in the general forums
[16:30] AJ Brooks: perhaps we can have you back as guests to talk just about sloodle one week
[16:31] Buddy Sprocket: would be glad
[16:31] AJ Brooks: although i know it coincides with your meeting - perhaps we can combine the two
[16:31] Christopher Flow: I'd be happy to be of service. :-)
[16:31] Buddy Sprocket: that would be nice...
[16:31] Kayako Mayako: I second AJ's request to have you back so we can learn more.
[16:31] Christopher Flow: If I can make it.
[16:31] Buddy Sprocket: that means I can go to bed!
[16:31] AJ Brooks: Buddy - I'll reach out to you later about firming this up
[16:31] Buddy Sprocket: its half past midnight here lol
[16:31] AJ Brooks: go to bed!
[16:31] Christopher Flow: 7 am in LOL Korea.
[16:31] Kavon Zenovka: Sorry got 2 go.
[16:32] AJ Brooks: well - good night buddy and good morning chris
[16:32] Buddy Sprocket: catch you later, but genuinely nice to finally make it here!
[16:32] Christopher Flow: Sorry, 8 am-ish now.
[16:32] AJ Brooks: thats ok - our time is up for this week
[16:32] RubyTuesday Ballyhoo: Thanks! Bye...
[16:32] Aerdna Beaumont: good night buddy
[16:32] AJ Brooks: be sure to join us next week at the same time - our last meeting at 3:30slt
[16:32] Zotarah Shepherd: Good reason to have the time earlier AJ Glad you are changing it
[16:32] AJ Brooks: and next week will be our EDUCAUSE SLER Meet up
[16:32] Kayako Mayako: I have to go too (to run a carpool to a Girl Scout meeting). Thanks AJ and everyone. See you next time.
[16:32] RubyTuesday Ballyhoo: Maybe he'd prefer the following week--but perhaps not Chris
[16:32] Christopher Flow: If anyone would like to visit our exchanges in SL to see the action, please let me know. All are welcome.
[16:32] Olivia Hotshot: Thanks everyone
[16:32] Tuxedo Ninetails: Bye Buddy
[16:32] Christopher Flow: Bye buddy!
[16:33] AJ Brooks: so anyone in Orlando can join us in non-virtual space as well
[16:33] Tuxedo Ninetails: Thanks for your input.
[16:33] Christopher Flow: See you around. :-)
[16:34] RubyTuesday Ballyhoo: Got to go, All. Hope to see you next week--and perhaps some of you in Orlando!
[16:34] JeanClaude Vollmar: Yes, see you there! Bye
[16:34] Grazie Rossini: zo
[16:34] AJ Brooks: Ruby - join us in Orlando for the meet up next tuesday
[16:34] RubyTuesday Ballyhoo: thanks for the Group Grazie! night, all
[16:34] JoannaTrail Blazer: thank you all, sorry I couldn't participate more today, still working on getting the physical life folks to understand that I am in a "real" meeting in SL ;)
[16:35] RubyTuesday Ballyhoo: It might be too early for me. But Ill be in touch
[16:35] AJ Brooks: sure thing
[16:35] Grazie Rossini: I'm not going to Orlando or Girl Scouts. But I do need to go get on the treadmill or I'll miss my chance! It was nice meeting alll of you!!
[16:35] JoannaTrail Blazer: But it was good to hear about some of your projects and experiences! Always :)
[16:35] JeanClaude Vollmar: Have fun Grazie.
[16:35] AJ Brooks: the treadmill is a good place to go
[16:35] JoannaTrail Blazer: We have a treadmill at our SL building hehehe I can do chin ups in SL too :P
[16:36] JeanClaude Vollmar laughs
[16:36] AJ Brooks: we have one here - in our studsentr center
[16:36] JoannaTrail Blazer: and somersaults... the list goes on
[16:36] Grazie Rossini: I'd love to look like my avatar. A girl can dream!
[16:36] JeanClaude Vollmar: Very athletic.
[16:36] AJ Brooks: our phycisal education department is very intersted in SL
[16:36] Aerdna Beaumont: I must go now or Professor Romi will die bye starvation, we both hasnt lunch yet and its 21:34
[16:36] JoannaTrail Blazer: heheheh
[16:36] JoannaTrail Blazer: Take care all !
[16:36] AJ Brooks: Bye Aerdna! later joanna - will miss you next week :-(
[16:37] JoannaTrail Blazer: thank you, I will hope to be along in SL though
[16:37] Aerdna Beaumont: Bye AJ and all
[16:37] AJ Brooks: log off
[16:37] JeanClaude Vollmar: I need to get going. But I'll be seeing some of you tomorrow night.
[16:37] AJ Brooks: log help log stop
[16:37] Grazie Rossini: That was impressive Joanna. Here's my trick and then I'm off to my run. :~}
[16:37] Zotarah Shepherd: I will be there
[16:37] JoannaTrail Blazer: have an amazing time at educause oh i got so many tricks Grazie LOL
[16:38] JoannaTrail Blazer watches for her trick
[16:38] JeanClaude Vollmar: I'll see you all soon. Bye for now.
[16:39] Zotarah Shepherd: See you Jean
[16:39] Tuxedo Ninetails: Aj I'm not sure if I missed it ...
[16:39] Grazie Rossini: My tricks aren't as good. Or at least I can't find the freebie animation I was thinking of.
[16:39] Tuxedo Ninetails: you were asking for volunteers for the Educause conf here in SL
[16:39] JoannaTrail Blazer: aww
[16:40] Grazie Rossini: I found naughty ones, but I'm not doing those here. :~}\
[16:40] JoannaTrail Blazer: Show me another time :) Oh come to my campus, it's mature haha LEVEL UP! oops. meant to laugh hehe
[16:40] AJ Brooks: Tuxedo - you should have heard from Fleep Tuque
[16:40] Zotarah Shepherd: hehe
[16:41] AJ Brooks: probably via IM
[16:41] Zotarah Shepherd: I got an IM from Fleep about tomorrow
[16:41] Tuxedo Ninetails: Ok, I'll check my logs
[16:41] Grazie Rossini: Wjere
[16:41] Ignatius Onomatopoeia: hey folks
[16:41] AJ Brooks: you can reach out to her or to Ignatius Onomatopoeia, he is the in -world portion coordinator
[16:41] Ignatius Onomatopoeia: boo
[16:41] Grazie Rossini: Where's your campus? Hello! You read my mind.
[16:41] Tuxedo Ninetails: Oh great Zotarah - I'll catch up with you.
[16:41] AJ Brooks: fleep is the show coordinator iggy
[16:41] JoannaTrail Blazer: I have "special" abilities
[16:42] AJ Brooks: when did you get here
[16:42] Ignatius Onomatopoeia: LOL--came in-world to fix a class thing and arrived here
[16:42] AJ Brooks: thanks god I didnt' say anything bad about you
[16:42] Ignatius Onomatopoeia: hello all LOL or Pappy Enoch :)
[16:42] Zotarah Shepherd: Ok Tux
[16:42] JoannaTrail Blazer: hi Ignatius
[16:42] AJ Brooks: well - especially pappy
[16:42] Ignatius Onomatopoeia: yep :)
[16:42] AJ Brooks: i'm afraid of him, not so much of you :-)
[16:42] Ignatius Onomatopoeia: watch Jezz, too
[16:42] AJ Brooks: oh yeah
[16:42] Ignatius Onomatopoeia: so though I just got in-world, anything I missed before we meet tomorrow?
[16:43] Grazie Rossini: I'll pay you a visit soon. I'm going to run...literally!
[16:43] AJ Brooks: did chris get in touch with you? by grazie
[16:43] JoannaTrail Blazer: take care Grazie
[16:43] Ignatius Onomatopoeia: ty Joanna
[16:43] JoannaTrail Blazer: chat another time Grazie :)
[16:43] Ignatius Onomatopoeia: yes, she did and I've e-mailed her
[16:43] JoannaTrail Blazer: cheers Ignatius
[16:43] AJ Brooks: excellent she is SO amazing
[16:43] Ignatius Onomatopoeia: cheers :) any of you going to be on the stage for the event?
[16:44] AJ Brooks: i will
[16:44] JoannaTrail Blazer: not this time :)
[16:44] Ignatius Onomatopoeia: thank leg might break :)
[16:44] AJ Brooks: both via simulcast video and my avatar
[16:44] Ignatius Onomatopoeia: cool, AJ
[16:44] Zotarah Shepherd: I am jus a little supporter. *grins*
[16:44] JoannaTrail Blazer: if I can make it AJ, I will take lots of pix :)
[16:44] Ignatius Onomatopoeia: Nice to meet you Zotarah
[16:44] AJ Brooks: excellent
[16:45] Ignatius Onomatopoeia: good we'll need snaps
[16:45] AJ Brooks: there is actually going to be another event streamed in world - a session I am doing on assessment
[16:45] JoannaTrail Blazer: Love those shots, pics of rl and your avatar in the same shot...mixed reality mind **ck :)
[16:45] Zotarah Shepherd: Nice to meet you too Ignatius
[16:45] AJ Brooks: with 5 other people
[16:45] Ignatius Onomatopoeia: Kevin Galbraith from Richmond will not only attend he said we could use Richmond as a back-up site if needed
[16:45] JoannaTrail Blazer: where is Richmond? :)
[16:45] Ignatius Onomatopoeia: Richmond VA IRL
[16:45] JoannaTrail Blazer: there is a Richmond near here but I didn't think it had a university
[16:45] Ignatius Onomatopoeia: Richmond island here
[16:46] JoannaTrail Blazer: hehehe VA USA, gotcha I was referring to Richmond BC, Canada it's just outside Vancouver hehe
[16:46] AJ Brooks: we have this location for our main location and a duplicat location on our third island (north of here) for overflow
[16:46] Ignatius Onomatopoeia: nicer weather there :)
[16:46] JoannaTrail Blazer: yes sure is
[16:46] Ignatius Onomatopoeia: good news, AJ...last year we had that crash :(
[16:46] AJ Brooks: well - this won't prevent that but we can use the space for overflow if we get laggy
[16:47] JoannaTrail Blazer: alright ladies & gents, take care... it will be cool to see SL side after seeing first life side with my laptop in sl last year :)
[16:47] Ignatius Onomatopoeia: nice meeting you Joanna :)
[16:47] JoannaTrail Blazer: Likewise ;)
[16:47] AJ Brooks: that was fun
[16:47] JoannaTrail Blazer: thanks AJ Bye Ladies ;)
[16:47] Tuxedo Ninetails: Bye Joanna
[16:47] Ignatius Onomatopoeia: AJ, I hope you are getting your sleep..I know you've worked hard on this
[16:47] AJ Brooks clears throat i just flew in this morning and boy are my arms tired lol
[16:48] Ignatius Onomatopoeia: LOL
[16:48] AJ Brooks: seriously - my flight came in at 6:00-am left last night although my arms are NOT actually tired
[16:48] Ignatius Onomatopoeia: if we could fuel worries :)
[16:48] Zotarah Shepherd: Bye AJ
[16:48] AJ Brooks: later Z
[16:48] Ignatius Onomatopoeia: I'm going to get a translator tonight for my students and
[16:48] Tuxedo Ninetails: We're off now.
[16:49] Ignatius Onomatopoeia: I can use it for this too
[16:49] Zotarah Shepherd: I will tp you Tux
[16:49] Tuxedo Ninetails: Thanks for the meeting again AJ
[16:49] Ignatius Onomatopoeia: Tuxedo, Zotarah, take care
[16:49] AJ Brooks: if its full perms, let me know - I need a good translater - if not ,let me know if its good and I'll go grab one
[16:49] Zotarah Shepherd: Great meeting AJ
[16:49] Tuxedo Ninetails: Nice to read you Iggy :)
[16:49] AJ Brooks: thanks Z
[16:49] Tuxedo Ninetails: Yes, it was a terrific meeting.
[16:49] AJ Brooks: thanx Tuxedo
[16:49] Ignatius Onomatopoeia: I will see you tomorrow AJ, and I'll let you know about the translator
[16:49] AJ Brooks: it started a bit slow great i'm off also
[16:49] Tuxedo Ninetails: Pace changes.