Second life Education Roundtable
August 12, 2008
SLEdCC Presentations and Their Happy Presenters

[15:29] Katya Anatine: Hi Jeremy, hi all
[15:30] Seabrook Oceanlane: Thanks!
[15:30] You: it's gonna start getting crowded at this table
[15:30] Seabrook Oceanlane: Got a bigger one?
[15:30] You: I don't have access to move any of this thing around :) Nope, this isn't my place
[15:31] Dalai Haskell: IS everyone ready to order?
[15:31] You: AJ said that he might be here and he can help I suppose that the table will have some sort of scripting to negotiate people accordingly
[15:31] Mercury Barnes: Get close and chairs automatically get added.
[15:31] Katya Anatine: This table grows
[15:31] Robins Hermano: close enough, hehe
[15:32] Mercury Barnes: :)
[15:32] You: Come on in everyone and have a seat at the table It's supposed to add chairs and get bigger accordingly Welcome everyone
[15:33] KarenKate Sands: suppose we aren't presenting at either place, but we're considering volunteering for in-world stuff, should we sit back here?
[15:33] Mercury Barnes: Always one more -- I wonder what will happen when the circle goes to the wall...:)
[15:33] You: No, Karen, come sit with us
[15:33] Dalai Haskell: has anyone seen our server? I need my Shirley Temple
[15:33] KarenKate Sands: ok thanks
[15:33] You: I think he stepped out Dalai
[15:34] Robins Hermano: sorry, RL stuff going on
[15:34] Dalai Haskell: HE's in the weeds!
[15:34] Robins Hermano: I"ll try to get back later
[15:34] You: Cya Robins
[15:34] Grog Waydelich: should we all be sitting down here?
[15:34] You: Welcome everyone, yes, please come sit down here it may get some what crowded, but I placed a B.O. checker at the door, so you're all safe
[15:35] Grog Waydelich: thanks!
[15:35] KarenKate Sands: lol
[15:35] Dalai Haskell: Thats not BO.
[15:35] Dalai Haskell smirks
[15:35] Grog Waydelich: I've not been to this meeting before, so pleas excuse myignorance ...
[15:35] You: So, I think we'll go ahead and get started np Grog
[15:35] Grog Waydelich: are we discussing SLCC ed track?
[15:36] Dalai Haskell: Its ELF-Spice
[15:36] You: Hi everyone, and welcome. This is the SL Education Roundtable. We meet here each week at 3:30pm SLT for an hour. Sometimes we have a topic, sometimes its an open forum. Tonight is a discussion surrounding SLEdCC presentations and their happy presenters.
[15:36] Zotarah Shepherd: Hello Jeremy
[15:36] You: Hey Zotarah have a seat we're getting cozy today this is the up close and personal SLER version A few announcements, before we get started. If you have Mystitool on, or other similiar tool, please put it to sleep. :-) I'd like to remind everyone that, at the request of some folks who attend regularily, we now have a group. The group name is SL EDUCATION ROUNDTABLE. Please join.If you have problems finding it in search, IM AJ Brooks and he will send you an invite sometime in the foreseeable future. As the group grows, there will be announcements and such that will be exclusive to the group. He's also open for ideas of what can bring value to the group. If you have an idea for a future meeting, please drop AJ Brooks a notecard with that idea (sometimes his IMs get capped).Past meeting chat transcripts can be found in The HUGE Bldg, just outside the Amphitheater. Enter the door that runs along the canal and make a left.
[15:39] You: Lastly, please feel free to wander around the island - tonight after the meeting or come back any time. The group is currently up to 22 residents, most of whom have been very active in getting their areas going.Many are Montclair State faculty or staff, but the others have taken advantage of the CHSSSouth Free Land Initiative. For more information on that, see one of the notegivers at the bottom of the outside stairs.We'll start our meeting as we usually do. Please introduce yourself. Tell us who you are, where you are from, and what you do.No need to wait for others to type - go ahead and enter your information right away, we can all catch up in chat history.I am Jeremy Koester. I'm the President of Braver Consulting and founder of Gaming and Learning in SL. I have had many opportunities to be involved with different game developments for learning. The most recent being for SLEdCC.
[15:39] Grog Waydelich: RL names ok?
[15:39] You: Sure Grog
[15:40] JeanClaude Vollmar: I'm JC (Jeff Le Blanc in RL) from the University of Northwestern Ohio. I'm their VP for IT.
[15:40] Zotarah Shepherd: I am a MA in Education (technology and psychology) student at Sonoma State University in northern California working an a curriculum thesis project: Teaching and Learning Life-Skills in Second Life.
[15:40] Mercury Barnes: UW-Milwaukee, Research Computing, long interest and skills in Distance Education (mostly technical).
[15:40] Grog Waydelich: Greg Wadley, Uni of Melbourne (Australia), currently visiting PARC (California), interested in teaching and reserach in SL
[15:40] Kayako Mayako: Kay McLennan (Kayako Mayako in SL) from Tulane University's School of Continuing Studies (Professor of Practice teaching online Business Studies courses and faculty workshops in SL).
[15:40] Karima Markova: I am a curriculum support specialist for Fulton County School system in Atlanta Ga.
[15:40] kawaiietlyplease Yohkoh: I'm Bjorn- Instructional Designer for USC's Institute for Multimedia Literay *c
[15:41] DocL Brandenburg: Western Illinois University, Instructional Design & Technology Department, teaching online IDT courses
[15:41] Corinne Fleury: Christie Thomas, University of Chicago, digital library development primarily for outreach to k-12 public schools
[15:41] Zotarah Shepherd: I plan to buy an island of Immersive Interactive Educational buildsabout Life-skills for teachers and parents. But I need to create a non-profit first to qualify for the edu discount.
[15:41] Leondra Larsson: I am a specialist for students with disabilities in Tampa, FL.
[15:41] You: Please also tell AJ how you found out about tonights meeting. If you got a group notice, which group? If you got an email, what listserv? If you saw it in SL Events, which thread?
[15:41] Seabrook Oceanlane: Dick Seabrook, Anne Arundel Community College in Maryland
[15:41] You: He's supposed to be here a bit late tonight, but his name is AJ Brooks in SL
[15:41] Kayako Mayako: Group notice.
[15:41] KarenKate Sands: Karen Evans, Howard Community College in Columbia MD, I'm an Instructional technologist and helping my faculty get started in SL.
[15:41] Pater Uriza: I am Jessica Pater. I am a Research Scientist at the Georgia Tech Research Institute. I work with a group that helps integrateps integrate technology into K-12 classrooms.
[15:42] You: Thx, Kayako
[15:42] Mercury Barnes: Anyone else go to the Kick-off the Virtual Ability Island? Best new user Introduction I've found.
[15:42] Grog Waydelich: "real life education in second life" group notice
[15:42] You: Thank you all for coming and sharing your background So, is anyone here going to be presenting at SLEdCC?
[15:43] Kayako Mayako: In-world.
[15:43] You: Awesome, Kayako
[15:43] Corinne Fleury: In-world.
[15:43] You: Nice, Corinne
[15:43] KarenKate Sands: in-world in several group notices
[15:44] You: Yeah, I kind of shotgunned the whole metaverse there, didn't I KarenKate?
[15:44] KarenKate Sands: that's great, I appreciated it :)
[15:44] You: So, Kayako, can you talk a little bit about your presentation?Then we'll go to Corinne
[15:44] Kayako Mayako: Yes, also I typed out three sentences -- let me grab them.
[15:45] You: k, cool So, our plan for tonight is to talk around SLEdCC and the topics of those attending
[15:45] Kayako Mayako: 1. Lamb/Hair/McDaniel (2008). MKTG 2008 Edition (2st Edition). Mason, Ohio: South-
Western. [ISBN 0-324-58651-0]
Note: The MKTG companion Internet resources are at: &

Note: You can order or buy a copy of the above required textbook from the Tulane Bookstore at, the publisher at, or an online book seller of your choice.The SCS Workshop Project followed 4 faculty members and 4 non faculty members (administrative support staff & students) during a 2 month period this summer. The main finding from the project include a reluctance on the part of the participants to utilize the Blackboard resource site that was developed for the workshop. In turn, the paper and presentation will highlight my builds and efforts to bring the out-of-world materials in-world (or use various mixed rea
[15:45] You: I'll be going last, if there's enough time
[15:46] Kayako Mayako: Sorry about the first part -- my security wouldn't let me take my copy and paste and I forgot about that.
[15:46] You: lol, it's okay
[15:46] Kayako Mayako: One more time -- The SCS Workshop Project followed 4 faculty members and 4 non faculty members (administrative support staff & students) during a 2 month period this summer. The main finding from the project include a reluctance on the part of the participants to utilize the Blackboard resource site that was developed for the workshop. In turn, the paper and presentation will highlight my builds and efforts to bring the out-of-world materials in-world (or use various mixed reality features).
[15:47] You: Hm, so can you share anything about your findings? or is that the cat in the bag?
[15:47] Kayako Mayako: The workshop participants prefered to learn about SL in-world versus out of world.
[15:47] You: I'm interested in the mixed reality features
[15:47] Kayako Mayako: So I had to bring the resources to them in-world.
[15:48] You: LIke a reluctance on their part to breach worlds?
[15:48] Pater Uriza: what were the ages of the individuals in the study?
[15:48] Kayako Mayako: From the survey information -- everyone was just on information overload and SL was so engaging.
[15:49] Severus Spyker has ended the call. You will now be reconnected to spatial voice chat.
[15:49] Kayako Mayako: Ages = 25 to 50 but 35-45 was about the average age but I am guessing.
[15:49] You: And what strand did you submit to, Kayako?
[15:49] Kayako Mayako: Orange on Sunday morning.
[15:50] Seabrook Oceanlane: Dalai's back..
[15:50] You: Cool, thx for sharing So, what about you Corinne?
[15:51] Corinne Fleury: Well, in addition to coordinating the in-world socials (if you have any ideas or requests, let me know...) I will be coordinating a tour of libraries in second life focusing on libraries that have varying content foci and goals in terms of presentation and services. The tour will culminate in a group discussion on the goals of virtual world libraries and librarianship and how virtual worlds are enhancing and changing missions.
[15:51] You: Nice Could you talk more about how you see VWs, SL specifically, changing libraries and their approaches?
[15:52] Corinne Fleury: Sure I see two major benefits of virtual worlds to libraries and librarianship The first is in presentation
[15:53] You: kk
[15:53] Corinne Fleury: In terms of content, digital resources can now be immersive. The issue for libraries with visual, immersive content is how to make it discoverable and usable The methods that librarians have traditionally used to make content transparent will not work
[15:54] Grog Waydelich: Does that apply to resources that are not inherently 3d?
[15:54] Synergy Watanabe: ok
[15:54] Corinne Fleury: Yes, even that.
[15:54] AJ Brooks: hi everyone - terribel lag here - once the table rezzes, I promise to make it bigger :-)
[15:54] You: Ah, but we're enjoying our time here
[15:54] Corinne Fleury: Because there is no mechanism for describing the resources that is systematic and comprehehnsive
[15:54] You: feels like that phone booth thing from the 70's
[15:54] AJ Brooks: lol
[15:55] Corinne Fleury: The second big change I see is in reference services.
[15:55] Topher Zwiers: ooh... that tingled...
[15:55] Corinne Fleury: Virtual Worlds allow simulated face-to-face reference services even when you cannot make it to the library. Much more dynamic and interactive than email
[15:55] You: NIce
[15:55] Corinne Fleury: And more fun that im chatter
[15:56] You: So, would you say that most librarians are more or less receptive to using VWs than educators?
[15:56] Corinne Fleury: Of course, there are many other implications Well, I think that most librarians would say that we are educators. Even if we are not in front of a classroom.
[15:56] AJ Brooks accepted your inventory offer.
[15:56] Grog Waydelich: real-time + online .. would be a big change to the librarians work practice
[15:56] You: Good point, I thought the same thing as I typed it
[15:56] Corinne Fleury: But I think that librarians are very receptive and interested in this environment.
[15:56] Kayako Mayako: Are there 3D resources currently available [read: the video pictures in the Harry Potter movies]?
[15:57] Corinne Fleury: I am not sure I understand your question. You mean in Second Life?
[15:57] Kayako Mayako: Meant to 3D library resources...
[15:57] Pater Uriza: i have found media/library specialists more accepting of these new technologies, generally speaking of course
[15:57] Kayako Mayako: In the SL library builds, what are the resources like?
[15:57] You: I have found similar results Pater
[15:57] Kayako Mayako: Text and video only? And audio?
[15:58] Corinne Fleury: There are a number of different types of resources in the libraries...text on notecards (public domain books) there are audiobooks 3-d books
[15:58] Corinne Fleury: image collections some 2-d and some 3-d but libraries are also places to go to discover resources that are not physically located in the library
[15:59] Kayako Mayako: I look forward to the tours and seeing the 3D materials.
[15:59] Seabrook Oceanlane: Our student tutoring centers are in the library (at least physically). That could be done here too, of course.
[15:59] Pater Uriza: i just got back from visiting schools in New Zealand, and i have to say that with a lack of pressure to "teach to tests" classroom teachers have mroe support from the school level to investigate adn use these technologies in the classroom
[15:59] Corinne Fleury: so i know many librarians, myself included, are interested in ways that libraries in sl can aggregate resources of educational interest and use that are not necessarily within a sl library.
[15:59] Pater Uriza: that's usally the resistance i get when i talk to teachers here in the states
[15:59] You: I can imagine, Pater
[16:00] Corinne Fleury: absolutely pater
[16:00] You: Standardized testing killed Immersive learning Kinda like Video killed the Radio Star
[16:00] Pater Uriza: :))
[16:00] You: Well, thx for sharing, Corinne
[16:00] Topher Zwiers: we've discussed using a SL build to aggregate digital versions of varioius historical collections.
[16:00] Kayako Mayako: As an economics teacher, I am particularly interested in 3D avatar sized graphs. Also, with three kids, I hate the "teach to the tests mentality.
[16:00] Corinne Fleury: NP, thank you.
[16:00] Karima Markova: the curriculum has grown increasingly narrow as a result of standardized tersting
[16:00] Seabrook Oceanlane: Nothing's killed as long as good teachers still live...
[16:00] Karima Markova: testing
[16:01] Pater Uriza: I totally agree Seabrook
[16:01] You: OH, I know, I was just teasing, Seabrook And I totally, agree
[16:01] Corinne Fleury: we should talk more about that topher. i would be very interested in that project.
[16:01] You: So, AJ here is also presenting AJ, would you mind telling us a bit about your presentations?
[16:02] AJ Brooks: sure -= hi everyone. I know it may seem odd to see me as a guest - there is a good reason
[16:02] Grog Waydelich: I teach at tertiary level - if you go "off topic" (ie teach soemthing that will not be on the exam) is is often unwanted by students
[16:02] Jeremy Braver is taking over the world!!!!!
[16:02] AJ Brooks: I´m still in sao paulo brasil, and where I am staying has a slow connection and pc - so i'm totally in laggville
[16:02] You: no, just kidding
[16:03] AJ Brooks: lol also forgie the slow response times lol
[16:03] You: I can't even keep my lawn mowed
[16:03] AJ Brooks: and typos - brasilian keyboard - keys in odd spots lol
[16:03] Karima Markova: It could not be worse than Kenya where I was all summer
[16:03] AJ Brooks: the first is a workshop on friday - its 90s so _ i'm doing two presentations in tampa this year 90 minutes and we-re going to be focusing on creating community
[16:04] RubyTuesday Ballyhoo: Educational communities?
[16:04] AJ Brooks: i believe that community is the single most important facet of our involvement here in SL
[16:04] AJ Brooks: well - yes it will focus on that, but the ideas can be used for other communities this workshop is hands on we are going to talk abotu how to meet people who share interests how to join groups that will be helpful and how to start or go to meetings that will be helful as well like I said - very hands on the second session I am going to do will also focus on community but it is a 30 minute spoeed mentoring session
[16:06] You: Kinda like speed dating?
[16:06] AJ Brooks: for this I will use this roundtable as an example of how to start and grow a community
[16:06] RubyTuesday Ballyhoo: :)
[16:06] AJ Brooks: lol - yes - like speed dating jeremy! :-) this session will be much shorter and not hands on - more of a lecture I will aslo talk about something my alt wealthy mizser
[16:06] You: Good Ol' Wealthy Mizser
[16:07] AJ Brooks: who has grown a large photographic art community around his gallery - Gallery Beleza so I will use both example to illustrate how to develope community and why it is just as important to give back to the community as to get from it
[16:07] You: Is there any education involved with that gallery AJ?
[16:07] AJ Brooks: in fact, the shorter session is called Community Prosumerism
[16:07] Seabrook Oceanlane: Sort of like an "invisible college"?
[16:08] AJ Brooks: any time there is art involved there is education that came out more fluip that I intenede
[16:08] You: ooooo, Prosumerism, can you define Prosumer for those of us who don't know, AJ?
[16:08] AJ Brooks: flip yes - prosumerism - is where one is not just the comsumer s;he is the producer very much what we see in web 2.0
[16:08] Kayako Mayako: I may have missed this in the Tampa program but do you know if your speed mentoring session will be streamed in-world?
[16:09] AJ Brooks: i am not sure if it will be streamed in-world, but I´d be happy if it were let me tell you the times 4pm on friday for the 90 minute workshop and noon on saturday for the community prosumersim
[16:10] Kayako Mayako: Thank you -- I will look for both.
[16:10] AJ Brooks: plus - going to tampe or not -0 I´m already put some stuff up on RezEd for everyone i´ll also be working on an SL Education Roundtable meet-up for those interested
[16:11] You: Thx for sharing AJ
[16:11] Pater Uriza: sounds great Aj
[16:11] Dalai Haskell: AJ!
[16:11] KarenKate Sands: are those SL times?
[16:11] You: Is anyone else going to present at SLEdCC that I have missed? In world or in Tampa?
[16:11] AJ Brooks: no - sorry - those are east coast time - since the presentation will be in tampa - I´m not sure if they are being streamed - I pretty sure the workshop is not
[16:12] KarenKate Sands: ok thank you, AJ
[16:12] You: I think that the sessions that are going to be streamed know that they will be streamed
[16:12] Dalai Haskell: I don't count, do I?
[16:12] You: I could be wrong though So, I guess I'll go next
[16:12] Dalai Haskell frowns.
[16:12] You: Dalai and I are working with our buddy Geneva Watkins on some games for SLEdCC
[16:13] You: We have three games that we are working on
[16:13] AJ Brooks: yeah!
[16:13] You: One will be completely in SL One will have a copy in RL The first is a quest based game, called Quest for All It will require players to find a specific giver object around SLEdcc sanctioned areas then create something with the things that they receive and submit a snapshot of it
[16:15] Dalai Haskell: I think that is brilliant!
[16:15] AJ Brooks: nice
[16:15] You: Dalai, Geneva and I will then have a session at 11am SLT to talk about our work and have a vote on the best submission
[16:15] Kayako Mayako: I like the idea of finding something versus demonstrating coordination (that I lack)1 :(
[16:15] You: Thx Kayako
[16:16] Dalai Haskell: I agree
[16:16] You: the second game will be a matching game Dalai has been working on that one
[16:16] Dalai Haskell: Sure!
[16:16] You: Take it away Dalai
[16:16] Karima Markova: hehe
[16:17] Dalai Haskell: Jeremy says I cant tell too much, so....let me edit myself
[16:17] AJ Brooks: lol
[16:17] KarenKate Sands: hehe
[16:17] You: Good Elf
[16:17] Seabrook Oceanlane: Dalai's under an NDA
[16:17] Karima Markova: intellectual property rights concerns?
[16:17] Dalai Haskell: we are going to present a scripted build that allows all of you to with a *. It will be great!
[16:17] Seabrook Oceanlane: Heh
[16:17] RubyTuesday Ballyhoo: Wow! Sounds fun!
[16:18] You: He's put waaaaaaaaaaaaay too much work into that cat in order to let it outa the bag too early
[16:18] Paribus Habilis: Will we be allowed to use
, or just *?
[16:18] Dalai Haskell: You will
* two sets of * and the * with the . It will all be controled by a * that 's in the *. nO *!
[16:18] Mercury Barnes: :)
[16:18] RubyTuesday Ballyhoo: :D
[16:18] You: ROFL
[16:18] Kayako Mayako: Is "cat" a hint as in "cat in the hat?"
[16:18] KarenKate Sands: too funny!!
[16:18] Dalai Haskell: we can't use the or someone could lose a
[16:18] You: And that is when we have to call EMS
[16:19] Seabrook Oceanlane: It's all fun and games until someone loses an
[16:19] KarenKate Sands: lol
[16:19] Paribus Habilis
s approvingly
[16:19] Dalai Haskell: in essence, a scripted match game that you all should be able to take and apply to your own teaching
[16:19] Katya Anatine is up for a game - does each * = one word? :) i mean one letter?
[16:19] AJ Brooks: this is way to much
[16:20] Dalai Haskell: can I buy a vowel?
[16:20] You: There's no decoder ring for understanding Dalai, Katya
[16:20] AJ Brooks: i'll spin
[16:20] You: Thx, Dalai
[16:20] RubyTuesday Ballyhoo: My brain is already
[16:20] Katya Anatine: I want to win the vacation to Cancun.
[16:20] AJ Brooks: lol
[16:20] Karima Markova: intriguing while yet very obtuse Dalai
[16:20] You: Dalai is quite obtuse, Karima So, the third game is a game that will be played only on site, in Tampa So, if you're not coming, you'll miss the best conference game ever
[16:21] You: It's kinda a role playing game but very simple
[16:21] Topher Zwiers: gotta go... enjoyed it! thanks all!
[16:21] You: it will be based upon simple conversation in and during the whole convention Thx for coming Topher, later man The game's goal will be to achieve the highest level during the duration of the convention It will be called "Royalty" We only have these three games and their goals are mostly social But we wanted to show a little bit of what AJ mentioned earlier about community being one of the greatest afforndances here in SL I've started to design and develop games and immersive learning for my clients based upon this affordance for lack of a better term, I call it social gaming theory I'm sure in the current liquid state of affairs of games for learning, that others would argue that term with me
[16:25] Mercury Barnes: Yes, and community is the "undiscovered country" for Librarians -- a real challenge.
[16:25] You: But the backbone for my approach is heavily influenced by Vygotsky
[16:25] Zotarah Shepherd: Yay for Lev
[16:25] You: I think it's also very difficult to measure, Mercury I love Lev, Zotarah
[16:25] Mercury Barnes: Agreed.
[16:25] You: but then again, I love learning socially hehe
[16:26] You: So, we are about out of time
[16:26] Zotarah Shepherd: Me too.
[16:26] You: does anyone have any questions?
[16:26] Katya Anatine: I think you hit something interesting when you mentioned Vygotski
[16:26] Kayako Mayako: Where will the information about the games be published -- in the program/on the Wiki/RezEd/
[16:27] You: Also, I'd like to thank AJ Brooks for allowing me the opportunity to guest host tonight
[16:27] Figgy Parness: does this roundtable meet every week?
[16:27] Katya Anatine: h
[16:27] You: AJ is the real man in charge around here, so drop him a notecard with ideas and questions
[16:27] Karima Markova: you did a great job Jeremy
[16:27] Pater Uriza: how many people are planning on going to Tampa?
[16:27] Seabrook Oceanlane: Yes, will there be a Proceedings? I cannot attend the conf
[16:27] Zotarah Shepherd: It would be mice to explore some learning theory sometime.
[16:27] You: Yes, Kayako, they'll be in the program
[16:27] KarenKate Sands: yes thanks this was great!
[16:27] Pater Uriza: I agree!
[16:27] You: Thx for coming everyone, glad that you enjoyed our time together
[16:28] Zotarah Shepherd: Yes Figgy
[16:28] Mercury Barnes: thanks.
[16:28] Corinne Fleury: thank you.
[16:28] kawaiietlyplease Yohkoh: thank you.
[16:28] Pater Uriza: thx
[16:28] Karima Markova: now going to Ancient World for social gaming
[16:28] Kayako Mayako: Thanks Jeremy, Dali, AJ, Corinne, et al!
[16:28] Zotarah Shepherd: Interesting discussion.
[16:28] You: and thx to those who shared
[16:28] Karima Markova: bye all
[16:28] AJ Brooks: thanks for guest hosting for me Jereny, great job!
[16:28] JeanClaude Vollmar: Yes, thanks to you for hosting.
[16:28] Zotarah Shepherd: Thanks Jeremy
[16:28] Katya Anatine: bye all - interesting discussion :)
[16:28] You: Np, AJ, these folks were fun to hang with we got to get REAL close to each other
[16:29] JeanClaude Vollmar: I'll see you all later, gotta get going too.
[16:29] Figgy Parness: thank you Zotarah. very interesting info
[16:29] Zotarah Shepherd: hehe. Bye EduBuddies.
[16:29] You: Bye gang, thx again for coming
[16:29] Paribus Habilis chuckles ... yeah ... i like the "cozy" table! XD
[16:29] AJ Brooks: its a great group, and each week is fun
[16:29] RubyTuesday Ballyhoo: See y'all!!
[16:30] AJ Brooks: i´m going to log - look forward to seeing the transctip and thanks again for hosting