SL Education Roundtable - Montclair State Islands
Tuesday, July 29th, 2008
"Second Life Education Community Conference 2008"
[guests] SLEDcc Co-Chairs: Chris Collins (SL: Fleep Tuque) Guest Moderator, Jennifer Ragan-Fore (SL: Kittygloom Cassady), Jonathon Richter (SL: Wainbrave Bernal)

[15:27] Fleep Tuque: For everyone just arriving, grab an empty seat - more will appear automatically!
[15:27] Dr Xue: unfortunately, i have another engagement this evening, but i wish you all well.
[15:28] Maali Beck: ciao, Dr.
[15:28] Wainbrave Bernal: Hello everyone! Hi Claudia! Looks like we're getting folks streaming in still Here's Kitty Hey Kitty - seems I've seen you somewhere before
[15:28] Maali Beck waves to Wainbrave
[15:28] Charlieboy Magic: hello
[15:29] Oberon Octagon twirls his tail at Lorelei, Thanks for the group IM!
[15:29] Maali Beck: good turnout
[15:29] LaClaudia Parx: Hi Wain
[15:30] JeanClaude Vollmar: We get quite a crowd these days
[15:30] Fleep Tuque: For those just coming in, feel free to grab an empty seat - more will appear! Ok, let's get started!
[15:30] Kittygloom Cassady: hi everyone! lol
[15:30] Maali Beck: Hi Kitty
[15:30] Greyce Congrejo: Hello everyone
[15:30] Fleep Tuque: First, please note that a transcript of this meeting will be created, if you wish to keep ? your comments off the record, please IM me privately.
[15:30] Kittygloom Cassady: yes, I think I remember you
[15:31] Fleep Tuque: This is the SL Education Roundtable. We meet here each week at 3:30pm SLT for an hour. ? Sometimes we have a topic, sometimes its an open forum. Tonight's topic is the Second Life Education Community Conference 2008 (SLEDcc). Yep!
[15:31] Kittygloom Cassady: is this text only?
[15:31] Wainbrave Bernal: i text so
[15:31] Annabelle Piaggio: I´d sure hope so
[15:31] Fleep Tuque: A few announcements, before we get started.
[15:31] Kittygloom Cassady: great, thanks. :)
[15:31] Fleep Tuque: If you have Mystitool on, or other similiar tool, please put it to sleep. :-) I'd like to remind everyone that, at the request of some folks who attend regularily, we now have a group. The group name is SL EDUCATION ROUNDTABLE. Please join.
[15:32] Fleep Tuque: Past meeting chat transcripts can be found in The HUGE Bldg, just outside the Amphitheater. Enter the door that runs along the canal and make a left.
[15:32] Fleep Tuque: We'll start our meeting as we usually do. Please introduce yourself. Tell us who you are, where you are from, and what you do! No need to wait for others to type - go ahead and enter your information right away, we can all catch up in chat history.
[15:32] Zotarah Shepherd: Everyone please come sit at the table.
[15:32] Maali Beck: I"ll start
[15:32] Prospero Linden: Prospero Linden, really Rob Knop, former professor of astronomy at Vanderbilt, now the guy to blame for all those damn rolling restarts.
[15:32] Grinn Pidgeon: Used to direct a center for instructional technology; still own the school's island; looking for work
[15:33] Kittygloom Cassady: In rl: Jennifer Ragan-Fore, and I'm ISTE's General Membership Director I'm in Eugene, OR
[15:33] Greyce Congrejo: Sandy, a principal from Cleveland
[15:33] Fleep Tuque: Chris Collins, University of Cincinnati and Second Life Ambassador for the Ohio Learning Network and co-chair for SLEDcc 2008! =)
[15:33] Oberon Octagon: OO=Donavan Vicha, Web Developer at American Library Assn, ALA Island manager
[15:33] Maali Beck: oops
[15:33] JeanClaude Vollmar: I'm JC (Jeff Le Blanc in RL). I'm from the University of Northwestern Ohio and am the VP for IT
[15:33] mOOn Jaecies: aloha ...Rene Sadae fr U of Hawai'i n Kapi'olani CC - nursing
[15:33] Wainbrave Bernal: Jonathon Richter - Research Associate at the University of Oregon in EdTech and amateur cryptozoologist
[15:33] Maali Beck: Maali Beck, teaching Communication in SL from Arizona
[15:33] Claudia Linden: Claudia Linden, education programs at Linden Lab, San Francisco
[15:33] Zotarah Shepherd: I am a MA in Education (technology and psychology) student at Sonoma State University in northern California working an a curriculum thesis project: Teaching and Learning Life-Skills in Second Life.
[15:33] Kittygloom Cassady: oh, yes and Co-Chair for SLEDcc.
[15:33] Fleep Tuque: (yay Ohio!)
[15:33] Kittygloom Cassady: :)
[15:33] Robin Mochi: Reference & Distance Services Librarian, Portland, Oregon, USA
[15:33] Ourania Fizgig: RL: Adrienne Gauthier, Timeline of Earth project, manager for International Year of AStronomy 2009 in SL, at the Univ of Arizona in the Astronomy Dept.
[15:33] Tedi Latte: Tedi Latte - Lisa Shaw , Turner Memorial Library in Presque Isle Maine
[15:33] Pete01 Skytower: Pete Tschumi, University of Arkansas at Little Rock
[15:33] kroks Skirr: Working with implementation of IT in primary school in a county in Denmark
[15:33] Wainbrave Bernal: and co-chair for SLEDcc
[15:33] Annabelle Piaggio: Annabelle, just a mere student at the UHH, Germany
[15:33] Prospero Linden: Hi Claudia! Didn't see you come in.
[15:34] LaClaudia Parx: Hi, I am Claudia from Germany, student of political sciences in Frankfurt Hi prospero, entered early
[15:34] Light Sequent: Hi Im Light UK
[15:34] Fleep Tuque: What a terrific group! Thank you all, and welcome indeed. :) I am guest moderating in AJ Brooks' absence this evening and hope you'll bear with me! :)
[15:35] Fleep Tuque: Today's topic is the SLEDcc conference happening in Tampa, FL and in Second Life from September 5-7th - in just a few weeks!
[15:35] Wainbrave Bernal: gulp
[15:35] Fleep Tuque: The website is
[15:35] Kittygloom Cassady: I was just about to type gulp, Wain
[15:35] Fleep Tuque: And Wainbrave, Kitty, and I are here to answer your questions! So... um... shoot! :)
[15:35] Fleep Tuque ducks.
[15:35] Wainbrave Bernal: hey, I'm a duck!
[15:35] Maali Beck: lol
[15:36] Fleep Tuque: Hehe Actually Wain and Kitty, maybe you want to talk a little about the goals for SLEDcc?
[15:36] Gwenette Writer: got my sunglasses
[15:36] Grinn Pidgeon: what will occur in SL as part of the event and how can we help out?
[15:36] Oberon Octagon licks his whiskers
[15:36] Kittygloom Cassady: Grinn, so glad you asked that.
[15:36] Fleep Tuque: Grinn wins the prize! :)
[15:36] Kittygloom Cassady: We're actually planning quite a full schedule of events both streaming content from Tampa and also in world only content including peer reviewed sessions tours, socials, poster galleries etc and we need lots of volunteers
[15:37] Wainbrave Bernal: conference proceedings workshops
[15:37] Fleep Tuque: For the Tampa portion of the conference
[15:37] Kittygloom Cassady: Let me grab the link from the volunteer page oh, thanks Fleep
[15:37] Wainbrave Bernal: yes! volunteers sign on, sign up!
[15:37] Oberon Octagon: Will do!
[15:37] Fleep Tuque: I think we hope to really take advantage of all being in the same room together in person
[15:37] mOOn Jaecies: schedule posted somewhere???
[15:37] Kittygloom Cassady: I'm hoping to post the in world schedule within the next 7-10 days
[15:38] Fleep Tuque: and for the in-world portion, to do what Second Life does best!
[15:38] Kittygloom Cassady: still finalizing some pieces absolutely I actually have a couple of places where the community could help me out in terms of content
[15:38] Fleep Tuque: We're just finalizing the schedule, but we have a really terrific program lined up.
[15:38] Wainbrave Bernal: lots of opportunities for f2f networking: not just sitting and listening to others show ?
Powerpoint slides
[15:38] Oberon Octagon: Let's hope the hotel's Internet service is up to the task
[15:38] Greyce Congrejo: I'd love to come, but it's the first week of school.....
[15:39] Wainbrave Bernal: SLEDucators seem to be good at hope
[15:39] Zotarah Shepherd: What can we do inworld to help?
[15:39] Fleep Tuque: One of the highlights of SLEDcc this year will be the "Working Group" sessions, where you can ?
help participate and draft some guidelines and resolutions that can be of use to all SL educators.
[15:39] Kittygloom Cassady: We're planning on hosting a machinima festival during the conf in world and I'd love suggestions for edcuational machinima to highlight I'm going to send a notice about it soon but if you have ideas please IM me
[15:40] Wainbrave Bernal: and the first pre-round of the SLEDccademy Awards
[15:40] Kittygloom Cassady: yes!
[15:40] Fleep Tuque: How many of you are planning to attend SLEDcc in Tampa? (just shout out!)
[15:40] Fleep Tuque:
[15:40] Oberon Octagon raises paw
[15:40] Claudia Linden: shouts out
[15:40] Prospero Linden will
[15:40] CeAire Decosta raises her hand!
[15:41] Hawc Decosta shouts: I am!
[15:41] Aldrif Avro: So sorry, I clearly haven't figured out the chair thing ;-)
[15:41] Fleep Tuque: Terrific! And in-world? (in-world portion is free!)
[15:41] Prospero Linden: Second Life : where flying is easy and sitting is hard.
[15:41] Wainbrave Bernal: a community event designed to get us all to figure out just WHAT is of value and how to assess it - by the community
[15:41] Sheila Yoshikawa: yes, inworld only
[15:41] Kayako Mayako: In-world only for me this year -- Kay McLennan (Tulane) & Kayako Mayako (SL)
[15:41] Graham Mills: Me too
[15:41] Light Sequent: me too
[15:42] Grinn Pidgeon: in-world for me
[15:42] Zotarah Shepherd: in world
[15:42] Fleep Tuque: That's good to know!
[15:42] Kittygloom Cassady: I'm focused on the in world part...can I throw a question out to teh group? if you'll be attending in world, I'm trying to get a sense of whether in world only content or streamed content would be more interesting to you for the paper presentations etc
[15:42] Fleep Tuque: (We certainly hope that the streaming will be of good quality from Tampa to in-world)
[15:42] Zotarah Shepherd: Both
[15:43] Grinn Pidgeon: hard to choose
[15:43] Greyce Congrejo: Streamed content
[15:43] Robin Mochi: both
[15:43] kroks Skirr: streaming sound interesting...
[15:43] mOOn Jaecies: bcuz i'll be missing tampa part, i'd wanna see what folks r showing off there
[15:43] Ourania Fizgig: Will the streamed content be available outside SL (on a website) for viewing at a later date?
[15:43] Prospero Linden is nervous... he's rarely had a good experience with hotel Internet when there is a convention of net-aware people stahing there.
[15:43] Sabina Stenvaag: i say streamed too
[15:43] Kayako Mayako: Is it possible to poll us again after we see the comparative schedules for the in-world and Tampa parts? (smile)
[15:43] Sheila Yoshikawa: i am most interested in inworld content, almost always when there's streamed content there seem to be technical problems which make it frustrating
[15:43] Greyce Congrejo: I won't be able to attend, since my boss won't let me out of the building..... So I'm most interested in streamed content
[15:44] Fleep Tuque: Us to Prospero, but we're working to ensure there are dedicated lines for the streaming. :) (too!)
[15:44] Oberon Octagon: Last year, Chicago was pretty sad Internet-wise but that maty have been a lesson.
[15:44] CeAire Decosta: Has anyone here had experience with air cards and their relability?
[15:44] Wonderalica Alturas: may I ask, which will be the address where the convention will be streamed through SL'
[15:44] Sheila Yoshikawa: also the Tampa content will be in that time zomne - I was hoping for some inwolrd schedule to be European-friendly ;
[15:44] Wainbrave Bernal: Chicago's hotel wasn't up to snuff: old
[15:44] Gwenette Writer: does it help to have multiple locations with fewer folks asking for the stream on each sim?
[15:44] Fleep Tuque: We don't have that information yet Wonderalicia
[15:45] Claudia Linden: hopefully hotels have had a year more experience with internet than Chicago
[15:45] mOOn Jaecies: super slowwwwww
[15:45] Fleep Tuque: Oh wait, do you mean the in world location? Kitty do you have the SLurl handy for the in-world SLEDcc HQ?
[15:45] Wonderalica Alturas: ok Fleep. tks
[15:45] Graham Mills: I second Sheila on that
[15:45] Gwenette Writer shouts: does it help to have multiple locations with fewer folks asking for the stream on each sim?
[15:45] Wonderalica Alturas: yes
[15:46] Wainbrave Bernal: well, Tampa is three hours ahead of SLT but close enough, you're right, Sheila
[15:46] Kayako Mayako: Are you looking for sims to host streams too? I just got the approval to order an island yesterday and hope to have it built out by September.
[15:46] Maali Beck: we'd be happy to host the stream on our sim
[15:47] Fleep Tuque: Ah! I didn't realize Kitty had crashed!
[15:47] Kittygloom Cassady: so sorry, my whole computer crashed thank you
[15:47] Wonderalica Alturas: hehe:)
[15:47] Fleep Tuque: Hehe and maybe still getting back in. :)
[15:47] Prospero Linden: Fleep said something a while back that I'd love to see followed up on :
[15:47] Maali Beck: wb, Kitty
[15:48] Wainbrave Bernal: For those who will be there in Tampa, we really would like folks to check out the volunteer roles and step up if you can this WHOLE conference is done by volunteer work and we need you
[15:48] Fleep Tuque: Plenty of in-world roles to be filled, too!
[15:48] Wainbrave Bernal: inworld too
[15:48] Wainbrave Bernal: yes
[15:36] Fleep Tuque: Actually Wain and Kitty, maybe you want to talk a little about the ?
goals for SLEDcc?
[15:49] Fleep Tuque: I think so far our focus has been on creating a program that really provides a value for a range of SL educators from newbies who are just learning the ropes to seasoned vets who are looking for new ideas to try.
[15:50] Wainbrave Bernal: Our goals for this year have been to continue to be a thriving part of the overall SLCC - to demonstrate to the larger SL all of the innovative and powerful things that the SLED is doing: leadership
[15:50] Kittygloom Cassady: And for teh in world part in particular, it really is about providing content in ways that take advantage of Second Life as a tool
[15:50] Fleep Tuque nods.
[15:50] Kittygloom Cassady: so there will be a mix of formats from traditional presentations to more experiential learning opporortunities
[15:51] Fleep Tuque: And likewise in Tampa, to take advantage of what works best in a face-to-face setting.
[15:51] Wainbrave Bernal: another part is to create an academic / scholarly panache to it so folks can start seeing this as a REAL conference that one's boss / dean / principal might have NO trouble sending you to.
[15:51] Claudia Linden: curious about role of proceedings this year. in previous years, this has been a document i often would refer educators to if they needed help convincing admins, etc.
[15:51] Maali Beck nods
[15:51] Kittygloom Cassady: absolutely
[15:51] Greyce Congrejo: That would be most helpful
[15:51] Fleep Tuque: We just had a terrific conversation about the proceedings,
[15:51] Wainbrave Bernal: yes, yes!
[15:52] Kittygloom Cassady: we did
[15:52] Wainbrave Bernal: 1st... every proposal has been peer reviewed
[15:52] Wainbrave Bernal: by SLED active folks
[15:52] Claudia Linden: (and I volunteered pathfinder and I to write foreword as we have done in past - if that would be of value)
[15:52] Fleep Tuque: We will be collecting all of the invited papers into a single volume, but also hopefully breaking them out and linking them to sessions for easier reference than the giant PDFs that came out in previous years. This way you have the option - giant tome or specific paper of interest.
[15:52] Wainbrave Bernal: absolutely!
[15:52] Maali Beck: great
[15:52] Fleep Tuque: Yes! That was on our list to confirm with you. :)
[15:52] Wolt Amat: Are there any case histories highlighting RL students' first experiences and successes using SL, either in past proceedings or elsewhere?
[15:53] Greyce Congrejo: I'd love that
[15:53] Claudia Linden: Wolt: see Peggy Sheehy and Schome reports
[15:53] Fleep Tuque: I think you'll find several examples along those lines Wolt, from several different disciplines
[15:53] Wainbrave Bernal: case studies are, it seems, the most common research done in virtual worlds i think, Wolt
[15:53] Wolt Amat: Thx. Sorry to interject.
[15:53] Fleep Tuque: One of the great themes I see emerging from this year's proposals is much more hands on experience, data, and results
[15:54] Claudia Linden: (love data)
[15:54] Prospero Linden: Data!
[15:54] Fleep Tuque: Data!
[15:54] Fleep Tuque: :)
[15:54] Maali Beck: lol
[15:54] Greyce Congrejo: Yeah!!!
[15:54] Fleep Tuque: No no, interject away! These roundtables take on a free form approach. :)
[15:54] CeAire Decosta: The world runs on data - input give me more input.....!!!!
[15:54] Wainbrave Bernal: yes - we have organized the conference into six (6) strands in SL education
[15:54] Greyce Congrejo: My district is data driven
[15:54] Oberon Octagon purrs loudly at mention of hands on
[15:54] Wolt Amat winks at CeAire, the first name he recognized here :-)
[15:55] Wainbrave Bernal: and given each one a color of the rainbow
[15:55] CeAire Decosta winks back!
[15:55] MsMauri Collins: Then synthetic researchers come along, read all the data and makes ense of it in terms of broader themes
[15:55] Prospero Linden wonders if Data from ST:TNG counts as a synthetic researcher....
[15:55] Fleep Tuque: We also have three new presentation formats this year - Workshops for more involved hands on instruction about a specific skill or topic
[15:55] Maali Beck: I think so, Prospero
[15:55] Maali Beck: :-)
[15:55] Fleep Tuque: SLED Sparks (which I'm REALLY looking forward to) is 20 slides in 2 minutes - sort of a rapid fire information download. :)
[15:56] Prospero Linden: blipverts
[15:56] Wolt Amat: May I ask a semi-off topic question regarding educational resources available?
[15:56] Fleep Tuque: We have a bunch of those lined up
[15:56] CeAire Decosta: Too bad in Tampa we won't be able to teleport from conference room to conference room so we won't miss anything!!
[15:56] Wainbrave Bernal: one sec, Wolt
[15:56] Claudia Linden: oh excellent...pecha kucha sl style
[15:56] Wainbrave Bernal: go ahead
[15:56] Wolt Amat: We need RL bots for that CeAire.
[15:56] Fleep Tuque: And the Speed Mentoring sessions which are shorter than paper presentations and more focused on mentoring each other in successful uses of SL
[15:56] Kittygloom Cassady: CeAire, we are hoping to stream as much as possible which will create an archive
[15:57] Fleep Tuque: I also mentione dthe Working Groups
[15:57] CeAire Decosta: Good!
[15:57] Kittygloom Cassady: so even people who can make it to Tampa can catch all the sessions they weren't able to attend
[15:57] Greyce Congrejo: SOunds wonderful, Fleep!
[15:57] Wainbrave Bernal: we also have TWO rooms to work with in Tampa
[15:57] Fleep Tuque: The idea behind the Working Groups is that we want to take advantage of having so many folks interested in SL in education in one place!
[15:57] Gwenette Writer shouts: yes we can have it all!!
[15:57] Fleep Tuque: And at the end of the conference, have something besides the proceedings that the community has created
[15:57] MsMauri Collins: just make sure those of us who cannot be there can be included in those ed groups
[15:57] Kittygloom Cassady: :)
[15:57] Fleep Tuque: we have four topics and I hope you'll participate either in Tampa or in world!
[15:57] Grinn Pidgeon: like lasting Olympic villages
[15:58] Fleep Tuque: SLEDcc Working Groups: Template Language About SL for Syllabi & Parent Notices
[15:58] Fleep Tuque: SLEDcc Working Groups: Directory of Institutions & Courses Using Second Life
[15:58] Fleep Tuque: SLEDcc Working Groups: Institutional Use/Student Code of Conduct Policy
[15:58] Fleep Tuque: SLEDcc Working Groups: Feedback to Linden Lab (What would educators like to see from LL in the next 1-3 year time frame?)
[15:58] Fiona Wobbit: Directories would be great!
[15:58] Fleep Tuque: Phew sorry, lots to paste there. :)
[15:58] Wainbrave Bernal: we're hoping that with this planning and development we will now begin a year long project development for folks to start plugging in to
[15:58] Greyce Congrejo: oh my Fleep, I'm salivating at the thought
[15:58] Oberon Octagon: Great job, Fleep!
[15:59] Fleep Tuque: So if you have an interest in these topics, experience, questions, we hope you'll help us tackle these thorny questions and come up with some good suggestions for the community at large. :)
[15:59] Wolt Amat: Let me ask the LL people here - I am sure many ed efforts are funded externally by sometimes transient funding - does LL have the ability to maintain many of the accumulated work for posterity?
[15:59] Wainbrave Bernal: SLEDcc 2009 planning and participation will follow just after SLEDcc 2008
[15:59] mOOn Jaecies: is it september yet???
[15:59] Fleep Tuque: Wolt, the confeence archives will be hosted online by SLEDcc. :)
[15:59] Prospero Linden: Wolt : I *believe* that the last simstate of sims that go offline are saved
[15:59] Claudia Linden: Wolt, LL supports the edu community by offering a very generous 50% discount on land.
[15:59] Fleep Tuque: Oh oh, you mean in world.
[15:59] CeAire Decosta: Slow down mOOn - the year is going by fast enough as it is!!
[16:00] Prospero Linden: However, we can't maintain a lot of islands gratis indefinitely
[16:00] Claudia Linden: Maintaining in posterity would probably be outside our scope.
[16:00] Oberon Octagon: I like that aspect of your WGs .... ongoing projects
[16:00] Prospero Linden wonders if there is a grant proposal in that somewhere -- maintaining educational builds.
[16:00] Greyce Congrejo: We need to pursue grant money to continue and/or initiate
[16:00] Fleep Tuque: And of course if you have suggestions for the 2009 Working Group topics, we'd love any suggestions.. but can you save them for September 8th AFTER the conference? :) :)
[16:01] Maali Beck: write them down....makng lists
[16:01] Fleep Tuque: hehe
[16:01] Maali Beck: making*
[16:01] Maali Beck: :-)
[16:01] CeAire Decosta: (And wait about 3 days after that so folks can breathe again!)
[16:01] Fleep Tuque: That too! :)
[16:01] Wolt Amat: Is there any work going on in the area of teacher monitored browsers for formal educational activities?
[16:01] Fleep Tuque: Hm, not that I am aware of Wolt
[16:01] Robin Mochi: SLED Sparks sounds great...will there be an inworld version? ...not with ppt though...too long to rez...but maybe w/display boards or something if there is a place where we could do that and have it set up along with the streaming video
[16:02] Claudia Linden: (wolt, maybe closest thing would be Sloodle--see
[16:02] Kittygloom Cassady: Robin, that's a really interesting format idea
[16:02] Wolt Amat: Thanks. The separattion of the grid from the teen grid poses some interesting educational limitations that are at the moment I think a bit to simplified.
[16:02] Claudia Linden: Yes, I love the Sparks idea.
[16:02] Kittygloom Cassady: we do have one session of SLED sparks planned for in world
[16:02] Greyce Congrejo: Our dilemma exactle, Wolf
[16:03] Greyce Congrejo: Wolt
[16:03] Wonderalica Alturas: how much of the conference will be streamed in world?
[16:03] Robin Mochi: great, kittygloom, where will that take place? SLED Sparks that is
[16:03] Fleep Tuque: (Can't see if Kitty is typing!)
[16:03] Oberon Octagon: SLoodle is a very good bridge, Wolt, in that regard.
[16:04] Wainbrave Bernal: well since we can't COUNT on streaming, but are doing the best we can to arrange it, we can't answer how much will be made available
[16:04] Wainbrave Bernal: via stream
[16:04] Fleep Tuque: The schedule is still being finalized and we're checking on the availability to stream sessions, but we can't know for certain just yet. :)
[16:04] Wonderalica Alturas: ok. tks
[16:04] Fleep Tuque: Or what Wainbrave just said. :)
[16:04] Claudia Linden: Anyone looking at Veodia for streaming?
[16:04] Wainbrave Bernal: but we will have other means of reporting to those not there what's happenin
[16:04] Wainbrave Bernal: yes, Claudia - we are! :)
[16:04] Gwenette Writer: will there be video capture regardless of streamiong and we can youtube the vids
[16:05] Claudia Linden: great
[16:05] Oberon Octagon: Don't raise expectations unnecessarily, WB, good answer
[16:05] Fleep Tuque: Claudia, that's what we're planning to use. Veodia seems almost TOO simple!
[16:05] Claudia Linden: Very simple.
[16:05] Sheila Yoshikawa: As some people are more keen on streamed material, some more on inworld, it seems to me it would be ok to programme some streamed activity in parallel to some inworld at some points, so people could choose (most other conferences I've been to avoided putting streamed parallel to inworld)
[16:05] Claudia Linden: Gives web interface option for viewing.
[16:05] Kittygloom Cassady: We are looking at veodia
[16:05] Fleep Tuque: I just did a demo the other day and couldn't believe how easy it was compared to running a QT streaming server.
[16:05] Kittygloom Cassady: hoping they ping they might sponsor too
[16:05] Kittygloom Cassady: Sheila, that's what is planned
[16:05] Gwenette Writer: can it be captured somewhere in the Veodia streaming process?
[16:05] Prospero Linden regrests that we don't yet have the technology to do "mixed reality" a la "Rainbows End"
[16:06] Fleep Tuque: Veodia captures automatically, actually
[16:06] Sheila Yoshikawa: thanks
[16:06] Gwenette Writer: thnaks
[16:06] Fleep Tuque: one of its other great features.
[16:06] Claudia Linden: Whoever is working on Veodia, email me
[16:06] Fleep Tuque: Thanks Claudia
[16:06] Wainbrave Bernal: and if there is anyone here who knows of institutions or individuals that might be interested in sponsoring SLEDcc... we still have some opportunities for THAT
[16:06] Claudia Linden: might be able to work out something w veodia - no promise but let's explore
[16:06] Kittygloom Cassady: it does and it makes a nice archive
[16:06] Kittygloom Cassady: ok, Claudia, I will
[16:07] Kittygloom Cassady: thanks
[16:07] Gwenette Writer: capture SLCC we will all miss that :(
[16:07] Fleep Tuque: If you want to stay up with our progress and the planning, the website is updated almost daily
[16:07] Fleep Tuque: and we also have a twitter account at
[16:08] Fleep Tuque: If you follow us, we'll follow you! :)
[16:08] Claudia Linden: can you add website link so it is here in transcript
[16:08] Wainbrave Bernal: The program is REALLY coming together - we have a LOT of great things happening
[16:08] Fleep Tuque:
[16:08] Claudia Linden: thanks
[16:08] Wainbrave Bernal: and KittyGloom is ROARING into the inworld development - THAT's going to rock something fierce
[16:09] Fleep Tuque: (I admit, I'm sad to be missing parts of the in world conference!)
[16:09] Wainbrave Bernal: dudes
[16:09] Fleep Tuque: And then the last web resource is our partnership with the RezEd site
[16:09] Kittygloom Cassady: :)
[16:09] CeAire Decosta: LOL Fleep!
[16:09] Kittygloom Cassady: we do have some good content lined up
[16:09] Fleep Tuque:
[16:09] Wainbrave Bernal: we're hoping that everyone will have a little regret that they cannot participate in BOTH sides of the conference
[16:09] Kittygloom Cassady: looking forward to sharing the schedule soon
[16:10] Fleep Tuque: The RezEd site has a group for SLEDcc members and our presenters are beginning to post discussion threads and materials,
[16:10] Fleep Tuque: so if you want to get more information BEFORE the conference, you can connect with them ahead of time.
[16:10] Fleep Tuque: Someone also asked about good resources in general, and RezEd is a terrific place to start!
[16:10] Wainbrave Bernal: as well as disseminate the proceedings and showcase some of the "best practices"
[16:11] Fleep Tuque: They do weekly podcasts and best practices write ups, all sorts of terrific things for
sharing good information about education in virtual worlds.
[16:11] CeAire Decosta starts counting days on calendar...37?
[16:11] Fleep Tuque: (Eek, don't remind me!)
[16:11] Fleep Tuque looks at her To Do list.
[16:11] Fleep Tuque: :)
[16:11] Wainbrave Bernal: book your flights kids
[16:11] Greyce Congrejo: Any thought of doing the conference in August next year so that high school people could ?
[16:11] CeAire Decosta: Take a mini vacation - book a train!
[16:12] Oberon Octagon: Like last year?
[16:12] Maali Beck: and college faculty
[16:12] Wolt Amat: I just got the oil changed in the beast, maybe a road trip.
[16:12] Wainbrave Bernal: yes, we're talking different timing, certainly.
[16:12] Fleep Tuque: Greyce, that's good feedback, we certainly hope to discuss this with the SLCC folks for next year
[16:12] Wainbrave Bernal: wasn't our choice either
[16:12] Greyce Congrejo: That would be most appreciated
[16:12] Maali Beck nods
[16:12] Fleep Tuque: We've heard that from lots of folks and it's right before many higher ed schools start too!
[16:13] Maali Beck: we start in a month
[16:13] Wainbrave Bernal: few are still on the quarter system like here at the University of Oregon
[16:13] Maali Beck: so any time during the summer....maybe in a cooler clime
[16:13] Maali Beck: would be nice
[16:13] Prospero Linden: Yeah, it's after a lot of colleges start -- lots of colleges start in late August now
[16:13] Greyce Congrejo: That would be great
[16:14] Wainbrave Bernal: I think June would be nice myself
[16:14] Greyce Congrejo: That would be perfect!!!!!
[16:14] Fleep Tuque: Since we're nearing the end of the session, if you have any follow-up questions about SLEDcc, please feel free to contact us any time, and I'd like to open up the topic to anything at all education related for the last 15 minutes. :)
[16:14] Fleep Tuque: Thanks for your questions and feedback about SLEDcc and we REALLY hope to see you all there. :)
[16:14] CeAire Decosta thinks the Carolina's would be very June.....
[16:15] Greyce Congrejo: I second that CeAire!!
[16:15] Greyce Congrejo: lol
[16:15] Fleep Tuque: Hehe for a Tampa venue, I'd prefer January so I had an excuse to go some place warmer!
[16:15] CeAire Decosta grins!
[16:15] Gwenette Writer: Is there a compilation anywhere of "teaching techniques, delivery models, etc. for college faculty?
[16:15] Oberon Octagon: I noticed breakfasts with M Linden and Philip ... are those for ED track only?
[16:15] Maali Beck: maybe something centrally located
[16:15] Wolt Amat: IETF lways has it's meetings where it's cheapest - Minneapolis in January, Phoenix in August...
[16:15] Maali Beck: Gwenette, I'm putting together an Instructors Manual
[16:15] Fleep Tuque: Oberon - those are SLCC wide events
[16:15] Wainbrave Bernal: breakfasts will be with the larger conference
[16:15] Oberon Octagon: OK
[16:15] Maali Beck: of Best Practices teaching in SL
[16:16] Fleep Tuque: So everyone in all tracks will be attending the breakfasts. :)
[16:16] Maali Beck: there's a call for submissions on SLED
[16:16] Gwenette Writer: Great! I am always asked for that tool
[16:16] Maali Beck: :-)
[16:16] Fleep Tuque: Gwenette, the Educational Uses of SL website is a terrific site: ?
[16:16] Gwenette Writer: thnaks
[16:16] Maali Beck: it's my sabbatical project for spring 09
[16:16] Fleep Tuque: They highlight all sorts of examples and have a ton of SLurls, too
[16:17] Fleep Tuque: so you can easily read about it and then go visit all in one fell swoop. :)
[16:17] Oberon Octagon: We need to gather that kind of information for librarians
[16:17] Wolt Amat: Thanks Fleep.
[16:18] Fleep Tuque: Do most of you subscribe to the SLED listserv?
[16:18] Maali Beck: yes
[16:18] Fleep Tuque: (It's a very high volume list, but singularly the best SL education resource out there, IMO.)
[16:18] mOOn Jaecies: yep
[16:18] Prospero Linden is overwhelmed by the traffic on SLED
[16:18] MsMauri Collins: yes, just wish it were moderated and easier to read
[16:18] Maali Beck: I have a separate gmail acct for the SLED list
[16:18] Oberon Octagon: It's daunting.
[16:18] Maali Beck: much easier to manage
[16:18] Wainbrave Bernal: it gets a bit much
[16:19] Maali Beck nods
[16:19] Oberon Octagon: That's a good way to handle it.
[16:19] Claudia Linden: (just wishes people would trim their replies instead of including whole list from digest)
[16:19] Fleep Tuque: I highly suggest using Gmail with SLED, either filter it into its own archived label or into a separate account.
[16:19] Wolt Amat: "educators-request' emails?
[16:19] Wonderalica Alturas: :)
[16:19] Kittygloom Cassady: sorry, guys. my whole system just keeps crashing since I downloaded the latest client
[16:19] Fleep Tuque:
[16:19] Sheila Yoshikawa agrees
[16:19] Fleep Tuque: Is the link for the listserv
[16:19] Kittygloom Cassady: have to do something about that
[16:19] Oberon Octagon: Great suggestion Fleep ... works for me.
[16:20] Fleep Tuque: er wait, highly recommend or strongly suggest. :) One or the other. :)
[16:20] Kayako Mayako: Yes. But now that you mention the list serve, I have a thought -- would it be possible to use one of many types of discussion forums in conjunction with the list serve. That is, some topics (like faculty and student conduct, etc.) would benefit from ongoing discussions versus random threads.
[16:20] Fleep Tuque: There have been many calls for forums, Kayako, and the consensus seems to be... start one!
[16:20] Fleep Tuque: :)
[16:20] CeAire Decosta giggles!
[16:21] Claudia Linden: - let's you access by thread, subject, author, etc
[16:21] Kayako Mayako: Any recommendations for a platform -- ning, WetPaint, wiki, etc.?
[16:21] Oberon Octagon: There's also the ning version, isn't there?
[16:21] Fleep Tuque: That is, the community seems so big there should be room for many different styles of communication, if someone could organize such a thing. :)
[16:21] Wainbrave Bernal: yes, there are so many details involved in the number of efforts required for SLED's dna to be complete - we need many minds and lots of time
[16:21] Wainbrave Bernal: start a forum on RezEd
[16:21] CeAire Decosta: It seems there are plenty of minds - now time is another issue!
[16:22] Fleep Tuque: True CeAire!
[16:22] Kayako Mayako: RezEd it is!
[16:22] Gwenette Writer: wetpaint
[16:22] Oberon Octagon: or yes, go to RezEd
[16:22] Wainbrave Bernal: there ARE many minds... yes!
[16:22] Wainbrave Bernal: :)
[16:22] Fleep Tuque: And yes, I think some of the groups on RezEd are really taking off, some terrific discussions happening already.
[16:22] Sheila Yoshikawa: There is a UK-based discussion list at ?
[16:23] CeAire Decosta melts under information overload!!
[16:23] Wolt Amat: Is 0. FPS a bad thing?
[16:23] CeAire Decosta: :-)
[16:23] Gwenette Writer: infowhelm :) need a sifter
[16:23] Oberon Octagon:
[16:23] Greyce Congrejo: So many url's so little time lol
[16:23] Graham Mills: Read-only forum at
[16:24] Oberon Octagon: So many places from which to blog, it has effectively muzzled me.
[16:24] Fleep Tuque: Hehe, AJ's going to have a heck of a job mining this transcript for all the URLs. :)
[16:24] Fleep Tuque: Oh! I thought of one other SLEDcc related thing I wanted to mention, before it gets too late here
[16:24] Wonderalica Alturas: anyway will be a good summary!
[16:24] JeanClaude Vollmar chuckles, "There are a lot, nice stuff though."
[16:24] Fleep Tuque: For all of you attending, either in world or in Tampa
[16:25] Fleep Tuque: If you could keep a little list, on paper, in your head, wherever
[16:25] Wolt Amat: Thanks, that implies someone IS going to mine this transcript.
[16:25] Fleep Tuque: of the things that you thought worked well and what didn't, what might be improved..
[16:25] Greyce Congrejo: I'm bookmarking
[16:25] Maali Beck: great idea, Fleep
[16:25] Fleep Tuque: We definitely want to get your feedback during and after, and it will help if you can give us good exmaples!
[16:25] Wonderalica Alturas: indeed.....
[16:25] Wainbrave Bernal: this is BY the community, FOR the community
[16:25] Fleep Tuque: Nod
[16:26] Greyce Congrejo: thanks for soliciting our input
[16:26] Wolt Amat: Greyce, at 0.2 FPS I'm happy just to be able to read.
[16:26] Fleep Tuque: I think that's the best part of SLEDcc, is that it really is a community effort
[16:26] Gwenette Writer: I have a notecard going I will pass to Fleep if she wants to post
[16:26] Oberon Octagon: I tried hard to blog last year's SLCC.
[16:26] Wainbrave Bernal: absolutely - without you all, we'd have... nada!
[16:26] mOOn Jaecies: what happened oberon?
[16:27] Fleep Tuque: Hehe, the internet access at the venue in Chicago last year was .. non-existent. :)
[16:27] Greyce Congrejo: That would definitely be problematic
[16:27] CeAire Decosta has just thought about early July just in the height of hurrican season....Won't think about that....!!
[16:27] Prospero Linden: Yeah -- I visited the Boston Linden office a couple of weeks ago, and the hotel's connection to the net basically didn't work in the evening.
[16:27] CeAire Decosta: ...and September....
[16:27] Oberon Octagon: And my house was without electricty theat whole weekend!
[16:27] Gwenette Writer: this lists 167 avatars and their rl edu activities ?
[16:28] Prospero Linden: Too many hotels are like that. Probably have a single DLS line or some such.
[16:28] Oberon Octagon: I live in Chicagoland area
[16:28] Prospero Linden: DSL
[16:28] Fleep Tuque: Let's hope that doesn't happen to us this year!
[16:28] Maali Beck: it's beyond me why all hotels aren't set up for wireless internet access
[16:28] Fleep Tuque: They assured us good net connection was one of their #1 priorities in choosing a venue. :)
[16:28] Maali Beck: high speed
[16:28] Maali Beck: !
[16:28] Oberon Octagon: I managed though.
[16:28] Prospero Linden: Maali : the wireless in this hotel was great. I could connect to the wireless access point without problems. But routing from the hotel to the greater Internet... not so much.
[16:29] Maali Beck: oic
[16:29] CeAire Decosta: And why cheaper hotels will give it to you for free but the Hilton and other high priced places want to charge extra for it.
[16:29] Maali Beck nods at CeAire
[16:29] Prospero Linden: I think most hotels just don't have the bandwidth to handle a convention of people who all want to use the Internet coming in at once.
[16:29] Wainbrave Bernal: this is a brand new hotel built for networked conferences I'm told: ?
[16:29] CeAire Decosta: Cool!
[16:29] Prospero Linden: So there's hope :)
[16:29] CeAire Decosta: They may have seen this coming or someone dropped a bug in their ear!
[16:30] Oberon Octagon: There were more than 800 people at SLCC in Chicago ... think about how many were trying to hit that hotel's Internet
[16:30] Wainbrave Bernal: but that doesn't necessily mean that can handle the likes of US, we realize - so we plan for contingencies
[16:30] Claudia Linden: see you all. off to another meeting. See you in Tampa and inworld. Thanks!
[16:30] Fleep Tuque: Well folks, we're closing in on our hour. Thank you on behalf of AJ and the SL Education Roundtables he holds here every week, I hope to see you next Tuesday, same bat time, same bat channel!
[16:30] Fleep Tuque: Thanks for coming Claudia!
[16:30] Maali Beck: bye Claudia
[16:30] Greyce Congrejo: Thank you Claudia
[16:30] Gwenette Writer: Aloha Claudia Many Mahalos
[16:30] CeAire Decosta: :*'´ `*. HoOoOoO!¸.*´`'*:
[16:30] Wainbrave Bernal: bye Claudia
[16:30] Maali Beck: thx for the great dialogue today
[16:30] Prospero Linden: See y'all later
[16:30] Kittygloom Cassady: bye, Claudia
[16:30] Maali Beck: Aloha!
[16:30] Gwenette Writer: and you too Prospero
[16:30] CeAire Decosta: Safe teleports all!
[16:30] Gwenette Writer: stay IN sanity
[16:30] Wonderalica Alturas: Gwenette, the list of avatars you gave is based on? where were these names collected from?
[16:31] Fleep Tuque: And thanks for all of your terrific questions and suggestions about SLEDcc! We really hope you enjoy this year's program and will become part of the team!
[16:31] Oberon Octagon: Thanks, Fleep!
[16:31] Gwenette Writer: do not know it is a website i foundf in my wanderings
[16:31] Wolt Amat: Fleep see if LL will cough up enough for a sub to come in and add some wifi stations.
[16:31] Greyce Congrejo: Thanks for all of your hard work Fleep
[16:31] Maali Beck: TY Fleep, Wainbrave and Kitty
[16:31] Kittygloom Cassady: Please send us your suggestions
[16:31] Wonderalica Alturas: ok , right, tks
[16:31] Wainbrave Bernal: Yes, thanks all! Help us put on a great conference! get involved!
[16:31] Maali Beck: must go......bye all1
[16:31] Fleep Tuque: (Last plug, I swear! Volunteer now! ) =)
[16:31] Wonderalica Alturas: thanks Fleep for all
[16:31] Kittygloom Cassady: I'm especially looking for input on machinima right now
[16:31] Fleep Tuque: Bye Maali!
[16:31] Kittygloom Cassady: Thanks everyone!
[16:32] mOOn Jaecies: byeee
[16:32] Oberon Octagon: Kiity, how so ... for handling inworld SLCC stuff?
[16:32] Wolt Amat: Sounds interesting, thanks.
[16:32] Kayako Mayako: Thank you Fleep, Wain, and Kitty!
[16:32] JeanClaude Vollmar: Thanks to you Fleep for leading. AJ will be proud.