Second Life Education Roundtable
July 15, 2008
Real Life Education Meeting

[15:25] A group member named AJ Brooks gave you SL Education Roundtable.
[15:31] Mercury Barnes: Hello.
[15:31] AJ Brooks: those of you in teh seats - in the amphitheater - ?
peklase do come down and join us here at the roundtable
[15:31] JeanClaude Vollmar: Hey there
[15:31] Philled Graves: afternoon AJ
[15:32] AJ Brooks: come one down - don't be shy only a few of us bite :-)
[15:32] Elke Shepherd: ty
[15:32] AJ Brooks: most of you are gray to me. :-(
[15:32] Mercury Barnes: Rezzing seems slow today...:)
[15:32] Elke Shepherd: most are to me, as well
[15:32] JeanClaude Vollmar: It was a little slow rezzing
[15:32] AJ Brooks: we'll wait another minute or two, let folks show up
[15:32] Elke Shepherd nods
[15:32] SpelNJLT Thibedeau: I thought it ws just me that saw that
[15:32] You: It's the 19 people in the sim...
[15:33] Mercury Barnes: I was impressed with the 100+ at the ISTE SL5B ?
event -- SIM, with voice, worked -- real progress has been made over the ?
last year with respects to capacity.
[15:34] AJ Brooks: ok - that was wierd
[15:35] Zotarah Shepherd: Hi AJ
[15:35] AJ Brooks: Hi Z waiting to see which chair nobody is sitting in I don't want to sit on someones lap
[15:35] Elke Shepherd: :-)
[15:35] AJ Brooks: folks up in the amphitheaer, come on down plenty fo seats lets go ahead and get started Hi everyone, and welcome. This is the SL Education Roundtable. We meet here each ?
week at 3:30pm SLT for an hour. Sometimes we have a topic, sometimes its ?
an open forum, like tonight. A few announcements, before we get started. I'd like to remind everyone that, at the request of ?
some folks who attend regularily, we now have a group. The group name is ?
[15:37] AJ Brooks: If you have problems finding it in search, IM me and I ?
will send you an invite sometime after this meeing but before I log for ?
the night.As the group grows, there will be announcements and ?
such that will eb exclusive to the group. I'm also open for ideas of what ?
can bring value to the week's meeting theme has already been determined. ?
We'll be discussing Library Services in Second Life. Mark your calendars ?
now, be sure to come back, it promises to be enlightening.
[15:37] JeanClaude Vollmar: I crashed, sorry.
[15:37] AJ Brooks: If you have an idea for a future meeting, please drop ?
me a notecard with that idea (sometimes my IMs get capped). Past meeting chat transcripts can be found in the HUGE ?
building just outside the Amphitheater. Enter the door that runs along the ?
canal and make a left.
[15:38] AJ Brooks: Lastly, please feel free to wander around the island - ?
tonight after the meeting or come back any time. we're currently up to 17 ?
residents, and more to come in the next day or so.Many are Montclair State faculty or staff, but the ?
others have taken advantage of the CHSSSouth Free Land Initiative. For ?
more information on that, see one of the notegivers at the bottom of the ?
outside stairs.
[15:38] AJ Brooks: We'll start our meeting as we usually do. Please ?
introduce yourslef. Tell us who you are, where you are from, and what you ?
[15:38] CHSSSouth Land Iniative owned by AJ Brooks gave you 'CHSSSouth ?
Land Request' ( ? ).
[15:38] AJ Brooks: No need to wait for others to type - go ahead and ?
enter your information right away, we can all catch up in chat history.
[15:39] Zotarah Shepherd: I am a MA in Education (technology and ?
psychology) student at Sonoma State University in northern California ?
working an a curriculum thesis project: Teaching and Learning Life-Skills ?
in Second Life.
[15:39] AJ Brooks: I am AJ Kelton, I'm the Director of Emerging ?
Instructional Technology for the College of Humanities and Social Sciences ?
at Montclair State University. We're located in northern New Jersey, just ?
six miles from midtown Manhattan.
[15:39] JeanClaude Vollmar: I'm JC (Jeff Le Blanc) from U of Northwestern ?
Ohio. I'm the VP for IT there.
[15:39] Zotarah Shepherd: I plan to buy an island of Immersive ?
Interactive Educational buildsabout Life-skills for teachers and parents. ?
One based on Multiple Intelligences is on Koru
[15:39] Amos Porta: hi
[15:39] Mercury Barnes: Univ. of Illinois, moving to Univ Wisc Milwaukee, ?
IT, Libraries, Distance Ed, Video (all of the icky support stuff...:).
[15:39] AstroGrl Enzo: Danny Martino, Santiago Canyon College, Astronomy ?
Professor -- can't seem to rez yet. Am I bald?
[15:40] Kavon Zenovka: Kae Novak Front Range Community College ?
Instructional Design/Student Success
[15:40] Teyah Nightfire: I am Janice Johnson, Associate Professor, ?
E-commerce/Business, Shawnee State University
[15:40] Mercury Barnes: Yes you are -- and you look stunningly chic...:)
[15:40] JeanClaude Vollmar: LOL, I'm bald too.
[15:40] Delia Coleman: lol
[15:40] JeanClaude Vollmar: Oh, well, it's in style
[15:40] AstroGrl Enzo: lol I'll try to take care of it, but if no one ?
minds :-)
[15:41] Cathrin Laville: Birgit Sattler, University of Duisburg-Essen, ?
[15:41] Delia Coleman: My name is Meg and I'm a semi recent graduate of ?
Canisius college... with a degree in Digital Design.. i love to explore ?
interesting virtual worlds and 3d Design <3
[15:41] Philled Graves: we still doing roll call?
[15:41] Catherine Soderstrom: I'm Catherine, a doc student at Texas ?
Woman's University- doing my dissertation research here in SL :)
[15:41] JeanClaude Vollmar: I think AJ crashed.
[15:41] Zotarah Shepherd shouts: The table is for everyone. It rezzes ?
unlimited chairs as you sit. Please feel free to join us here.
[15:42] AJ Brooks: am I the only one who keeps crashing out?
[15:42] Elke Shepherd: I crashed also
[15:42] Philled Graves: ditto twice
[15:42] Elke Shepherd: no, I joined you, AJ pfft
[15:42] JeanClaude Vollmar: Me too
[15:42] Terran Timeless: ME TOO
[15:42] Zotarah Shepherd: So delighted to see you again Catherine.
[15:42] AJ Brooks: ok - so it the sim, and not me wtf?
[15:42] You: I head the Computer Information Systems program at ?
University of the Incarnate Word in San Antonio, Texas... (better late ?
than never)...
[15:42] Philled Graves: to borrow a line from a movie.. we're in for a ?
bumpy ride
[15:42] Elke Shepherd: lol
[15:42] You: Betty Davis...
[15:42] Grace Blitz: hi,my RL name is Ioanna Nikolaou, i m a PhD student ?
at the University of Bradford School of Mnagement
[15:42] Terran Timeless: Terran, MAIS George Mason U.
[15:42] Professor Caproni: I'm Alyson, Assistant Professor of Art ?
History, Arkansas State University, and I'll be teaching an art ?
appreciation course entirely in SL in the fall.
[15:43] AJ Brooks: ok - hate to do this - but can folks reintroduce ?
themselves againg, since I lost the chat history?
[15:43] Grace Blitz: i m interested in ads/product palcements of RL ?
brands in SL
[15:43] Elke Shepherd: good, I missed them all too
[15:43] Philled Graves: I'm Rick Shaw (rl) and Director of College ?
Technical Services for Ventura College in California
[15:43] Zotarah Shepherd: I iwll give it to you AJ
[15:43] Elke Shepherd: lol sorry
[15:43] mosh Aichi: Hi, I'm a professor in Art History in the University, ?
[15:43] Kavon Zenovka: Kae Novak - Front Range Community College
[15:43] AJ Brooks: please go ahead and put it into chat, it'll make the ?
editing easier
[15:43] Philled Graves: come on down and join us folks... AJ doesn't bite ?
[15:43] AJ Brooks: editing this is already a major task
[15:43] Grace Blitz: hi,my RL name is Ioanna Nikolaou, i m a PhD student ?
at the University of Bradford School of Mnagement; i m interested in ?
ads/product palcements of RL brands in SL
[15:44] Grace Blitz: forgot to say i M studying in the UK..
[15:44] AJ Brooks: I am AJ Kelton, I'm the Director of Emerging ?
Instructional Technology for the College of Humanities and Social Sciences ?
at Montclair State University. We're located in northern New Jersey, just ?
six miles from midtown Manhattan.
[15:44] You: I head the Computer Information Systems program at ?
University of the Incarnate Word in San Antonio, Texas... I have co-taught ?
one international course (instructors in France, U.S., Mexico) and am ?
planning another with an instructor in Germany and a permanent course in ?
"Virtual Environments"+
[15:44] AJ Brooks: if I crash out again, someone who does not crahs ?
please get me the transcript
[15:44] You: I am very interested in talking with anyone who has actually ?
taught a class in SL...
[15:45] Terran Timeless: Terran/Michael, MA George Mason U, interested in ?
SLed potential, and presence
[15:45] Zotarah Shepherd: I will AJ if I do not crash that is. lol
[15:45] You: [I am keeping a transcript if anyone wants it...]
[15:45] Kaimus Nootan: Hi, I'm a blueberry farmer in the heart of the ?
Ozarks, multiple degreed but none applicable here but I am interested in ?
what y'all have to say.
[15:45] Terran Timeless: yum
[15:45] AJ Brooks: Ok - Z gave me her transcript - so we can move on
[15:45] Philled Graves: no muffins for the meeting?
[15:45] AJ Brooks: Please also tell me how you found out about tonights ?
meeting. If you got a group notice, which group? If you got an email, what ?
listserv? If you saw it in SL Events, which thread?
[15:46] Elke Shepherd: so sorry have to go
[15:46] You: Group Notice from several groups....
[15:46] AstroGrl Enzo: Group notice, CHSSSouth group
[15:46] Kaimus Nootan: SL Events here
[15:46] Catherine Soderstrom: ISTE and Real life Education group ?
[15:46] Philled Graves: multiple groups - Academic CIOs, Educause Virtual ?
Worlds .....
[15:46] Mercury Barnes: Group IM -- multiples are nice because one or two ?
always end up in e-mail.
[15:46] JeanClaude Vollmar: Several group notices and VW Educause ?
[15:46] Teyah Nightfire: Janice Johnson, ASsociate Professor, Shawnee ?
State University, Southern Ohio. I will be teaching a class in/on Second ?
life this Fall semesterr
[15:46] Jessie Rowlands: ISTE
[15:47] You: Real Life Education, Educause Virtual Worlds...
[15:47] Terran Timeless: SLED google calendar
[15:47] AJ Brooks: awesome - anyone else?
[15:47] Cathrin Laville: sled list
[15:47] AJ Brooks: ok - seeing no more typing lets get started
[15:47] Grace Blitz: Zotarah informed me about it :)
[15:47] Zotarah Shepherd: I turned my typing off. lol
[15:48] Amos Porta: i'm an italian teacher
[15:48] AJ Brooks: before we do - folks sitting up in the amphitheater, ?
please do join us - we sit down here around the ablet for the discussion - ?
there are pltny of seats ok - well - tonight is an open forumI was going to open it up - but
[15:48] Zotarah Shepherd: The seats are like a ride.
[15:48] AJ Brooks: since I've now crashed three times in the last 18 ?
minutes lest talk about stability
[15:48] Philled Graves: or the lack there of?
[15:48] Geo Meek: /sounds good
[15:49] Zotarah Shepherd throws a rope to AJ.
[15:49] AJ Brooks: yes -= lack thereof
[15:49] Geo Meek: /voice?
[15:49] AJ Brooks: anyone been having problems lately with the platform in general
[15:49] Zotarah Shepherd: no voice here we use text
[15:49] Philled Graves: beyond the running assett dbase issues
[15:49] Geo Meek: there is voice here
[15:49] AJ Brooks: our meetings are text based - so folks can have a ?
[15:49] JeanClaude Vollmar: I haven't had much lately actually. Just a ?
few random crashes, but not like I used to.
[15:49] Mercury Barnes: Kirstens Viewer 1.20.14 (91863) Jul 12 2008 ?
08:30:16 (Kirstens Viewer)
[15:50] AJ Brooks: what is that Mercury
[15:50] Zotarah Shepherd: and we can talk over each other in text.
[15:50] Geo Meek: please type vary slow i cant read
[15:50] AJ Brooks: open local chat - you can read in history there is no slowing this group down its a very fast paced chat - lol
[15:50] JeanClaude Vollmar grins
[15:50] Mercury Barnes: The viewer I'm using -- he compiles in the latest ?
patches, tweaks some things...not for the fainthearted...:)
[15:50] AJ Brooks: chat history is the only way I can keep up with it
[15:51] Geo Meek: then use voice please and someone can put it into text
[15:51] AJ Brooks: Geo - thanks for the ideas, but this is how we roll
[15:51] You: For those in the bleachers, you can join the circle by ?
sitting in one of the empty chairs - the circle appears to expand....
[15:51] Geo Meek: /just a idea
[15:51] AJ Brooks: yes - this is a rezzer that is part of the MystiTool this tabel will accommodate up to 40 seats i loe this tool! lol
[15:51] Geo Meek: /one day this well be funny
[15:52] AJ Brooks: i haven't had too many problems crashing, untl tonigth
[15:52] Doraemon Howley is Online
[15:52] Philled Graves: btw... AJ.. the thanked me for the suggestions.. ?
but doesn't have any plans for upgrades in the near future
[15:52] Zotarah Shepherd: Every teacher in SL should have a MystiTool. So ?
many things in it.
[15:52] AJ Brooks: although the notices to the SLED list are amusing ?
[15:52] Philled Graves: the = she
[15:52] AJ Brooks: Mysti?, Philled?
[15:52] Philled Graves: yes
[15:52] Geo Meek: can you explane that?
[15:52] AJ Brooks: ah - ok - I'll toss my two cents in also - but she's ?
not been online as much as she used to, so perhaps her time to develop is ?
limited explain wht, geo - which thing? ty vic
[15:53] Geo Meek: btw... AJ.. the thanked me for the suggestions.. but ?
doesn't have any plans for upgrades in the near future
[15:53] AJ Brooks: Philled?
[15:53] Philled Graves: yes that was me
[15:53] Geo Meek: sorry this AJ Brooks: ah - ok - I'll toss my two cents ?
in also - but she's not been online as much as she used to, so perhaps her ?
time to develop is limited
[15:53] Philled Graves: i dropped Mysti a note after our conversation ?
about table configurations oooo anybody else getting chat de'ja vu?
[15:54] JeanClaude Vollmar: So is this table a purchase somewhere?
[15:54] AJ Brooks: lol
[15:54] Jessie Rowlands: Me
[15:54] AJ Brooks: no - its part of the enitre mystitool
[15:54] Zotarah Shepherd: The table is in the MystiTool
[15:54] AstroGrl Enzo: can you give some ideas what mistitools do?
[15:54] Terran Timeless: yes
[15:54] AstroGrl Enzo: besides the table
[15:54] AJ Brooks: oh my - its better to go to her store and get her ?
notecard there is SO much stuff to the tool it is, IMHO, the must have tool in SL
[15:55] Zotarah Shepherd: It would be great for her to come here and do a ?
presentation for us about her great tool.
[15:55] Philled Graves: i'll pass a landmark for her store to anybody who ?
wants to IM me
[15:55] JeanClaude Vollmar: Ooh, a LM please? Anyone.
[15:55] AJ Brooks: even the free version rocks, but the paid version ?
(which is only $395 I think) is even better
[15:55] AJ Brooks: use teh Avendale location
[15:55] Geo Meek: its free to sl mentors
[15:55] AJ Brooks: blumfield is older yes - but its not easy or quick to become a mentor
[15:56] Terran Timeless: please
[15:56] Zotarah Shepherd: I always go to Blumfield
[15:56] AJ Brooks: and not worth doing just for the mystitol - there are ?
other great reasons to be a mentor Geo - you wnt to talk about the mentor program? since some folks may not know about it
[15:56] Philled Graves: anybody else who wants the the LM just IM me
[15:56] Geo Meek: if i can do anyone can and if you lile teaching well it ?
gos hand in hand
[15:56] Amos Porta: i dont know
[15:57] AJ Brooks: I didn't say it was hard, just a long process and not ?
worth doing just to save $395 but tell us about it
[15:57] Polaris Grayson: we left the mentor program a while back because ?
of the flaming
[15:57] Zotarah Shepherd: I wish I had a MystiTool on the teen grid. They ?
are not transferable so I cannot take one over and she cannot make them ?
transferable. I really miss it there.
[15:57] AJ Brooks: yes they are I have mine on the teen grid
[15:57] JeanClaude Vollmar: Thanks!
[15:57] Geo Meek: helping and learning to help is allways a good idea
[15:58] AJ Brooks: Geo - perhaps you might want to explain what the ?
Mentor Program is - or perhaps someone else would like to
[15:58] Geo Meek: i must be at the wrong metting sorry
[15:58] Zotarah Shepherd: I went to the TG before I even knew about the ?
[15:58] AJ Brooks: oh - yeah - so you can't get one now
[15:59] Polaris Grayson: has the flaming settled down in the mentor ?
program lately
[15:59] AJ Brooks: Ok - would someone else like to talk about what the SL ?
Mentor Program is
[15:59] Amos Porta: what is the MystiTool?
[15:59] Mercury Barnes: I tried Mysti, but kind of prefer "best of ?
breeds" from others (though Mysti is incredibly useful).
[15:59] Catherine Soderstrom: THe SL Mentor program is a group of ?
volunteers who help new (and not so new) users
[15:59] AJ Brooks: fisrt the mentor program, then the mysti tool
[15:59] Zotarah Shepherd: I think it is good for teachers to know about ?
the SL Mentors program. Many of my friedns are mentors and I will do the ?
training as soon as I can get some free time.
[15:59] Catherine Soderstrom: For me being a SL mentor gave me a chanceto ?
learn about many new things in SL- and gave me access to orientation ?
island (so I could rescue my students)
[15:59] Geo Meek: people helping people
[16:00] AJ Brooks: please say YES if you are a Mentor (AJ's famous straw ?
[16:00] Terran Timeless: I was helped immensely by mentors on Help Island
[16:00] Catherine Soderstrom: I was able to connect with many long time ?
residents with a wealth of knowledge about sl :)
[16:00] Terran Timeless: Harper Beresford led me to many educators
[16:00] AJ Brooks: Are or Were, I should say
[16:00] Polaris Grayson: WAS a mentor
[16:00] Zotarah Shepherd: Great Catherine.
[16:00] Geo Meek: yes
[16:00] Catherine Soderstrom: Yes, am a mentor
[16:00] Mercury Barnes: Welcome centers are quite important to the ?
"acceptance" of SL -- many folks bail before they really give the place a ?
chance -- a good welcoming can help (a lot).
[16:01] AJ Brooks: Polaris, why did you leave the program?
[16:01] Terran Timeless: to have an educator watching for colleagues is ?
[16:01] Mercury Barnes: I pick 'em off when I hanging around -- groups ?
are so important.
[16:01] Polaris Grayson: too much flaming the new mentors.... it was like ?
mentors needed to know everything... when in fact we were all learning
[16:01] AJ Brooks: community is so important its what makes SL truly relevant and how do folks find out how to become part of the ?
mentor program
[16:02] Zotarah Shepherd: I have met teqachers who were turned off to SL ?
at first because their first "home" place was such an awful experience. ?
There were no Mentors around when I started.
[16:02] JeanClaude Vollmar: How do faculty new to this get a mentor?
[16:02] Polaris Grayson: I found that teaching new members one one one ?
outside the mentor group was much better
[16:02] Mercury Barnes: You have to get through the tech, though, before ?
you can settle in to a community.
[16:02] Zotarah Shepherd: I mentor new teachers through ELVEN and on my ?
own when I meet them.
[16:03] Geo Meek: all teaching is allmost allways one on one
[16:03] AJ Brooks: how does one find out about hte official SL Mentor ?
[16:03] Catherine Soderstrom: To become a member of the SL Mentor program ?
you fill out an application on the SL websited
[16:03] Catherine Soderstrom: ?
[16:03] Mercury Barnes: I agree, 1 on 1 is best, but scaling would seem ?
to be a problem -- what do folks here do?
[16:03] AJ Brooks: ty Catherine
[16:03] Geo Meek: find a good teacher helps =finding
[16:04] Polaris Grayson: yes, but finding who needed the help was ?
becoming more and more problematic... new mentors were scared to ask ?
questions and help because of the flaming
[16:04] Catherine Soderstrom: It can take up to 3 months for your ?
application to be processed, and you have to have at least 6 months in ?
[16:04] You: Like any good teacher, you teach and have your students ?
learn enough to become teachers themselves...
[16:04] AJ Brooks: and what do mentors actually do - hang out at welcome ?
[16:04] Geo Meek: that shoud goto QA mentor group
[16:04] Catherine Soderstrom: Yes, they hang out in welcome areas, ?
orientation islands, help islands, and offer classes
[16:05] Terran Timeless: there are a pack of them at the Help Islands
[16:05] AJ Brooks: great
[16:05] Geo Meek: as a mentor i help where waver i am
[16:05] Philled Graves: hey folks.. just visited teh application link and ?
got the following
[16:05] Terran Timeless: few of them are on the lookout for questions ?
from educators
[16:05] Philled Graves: Volunteer Info In our continuing effort to make ?
the Second Life Volunteer program the finest in Second Life, we have ?
adopted new processing steps for Apprentice mentors to advance from ?
Apprentice to full Mentor. Recently, our application processing rate has ?
dropped to accommodate these changes. Rather than let the application list ?
grow at its present pace and force residents who desire to participate in ?
the Volunteer program to wait weeks if not months to hear from us, we have ?
decided to stop accepting applications until we have processed the list of ?
residents currently in the pipeline. Thank you for your patience. The ?
Second Life Volunteer Team
[16:05] Mercury Barnes: Some do hang out in Welcome Areas, but their ?
impact Vs. the great mass of others is minimal.
[16:05] Polaris Grayson: im glad to hear that
[16:05] AJ Brooks: ok - so no more new mentors at the moment
[16:06] Geo Meek: may i have that URL please?
[16:06] AJ Brooks: well - that might make sense someone asked about hte mystitool
[16:06] Catherine Soderstrom: They're finshing processing the last batch ?
this month- we got a group notice today that the apps should be back up at ?
the end of the month (so maybe check in a few weeks)
[16:06] AJ Brooks: straw poll again
[16:06] Philled Graves: scrollup.. i linked from the one that was posed ?
in chat
[16:06] AJ Brooks: say YES if you ahve a Mystitool
[16:06] Philled Graves: yep
[16:06] Mercury Barnes: Yes
[16:06] AJ Brooks: yes
[16:06] Catherine Soderstrom: yes
[16:06] Zotarah Shepherd: YES - love it!
[16:06] Terran Timeless: no
[16:06] Philled Graves: iv'e given out about 9 of the lms
[16:07] AJ Brooks: only 5 people here have it? wow ok - well - you five, did you pay and if so - was it ?
worth it?
[16:07] JeanClaude Vollmar: This is the first I've heard of it.
[16:07] AJ Brooks: well - hold on that might be too personal would you pay?
[16:07] Terran Timeless: yes
[16:07] Mercury Barnes: Worth the price I guess...though I love Thomas ?
Conovers stuff.
[16:07] Catherine Soderstrom: yes, it was totally worth it... used the ?
free one for almost a year, but I love the additional features on the full ?
paid one
[16:08] AJ Brooks: for those who use it - what are your favorite ?
[16:08] Geo Meek: its a good tool but there are many tools free
[16:08] Zotarah Shepherd: YES I reccommend it to everyone including in my ?
Griefing issues workshop.
[16:08] Philled Graves gave you Mystical Cookie Designs, Blumfield (26, ?
147, 296).
[16:08] AJ Brooks: I like the rezzer table the follow AV the sky platform
[16:08] Mercury Barnes: The follow AV is nice.
[16:08] AJ Brooks: the radar
[16:08] Philled Graves: tp history
[16:08] Zotarah Shepherd: I have a collection og SL tools and none are as ?
comprehensive as MystiTool.
[16:08] Philled Graves: defensive tools
[16:09] AJ Brooks: have y uhad to use the defensive tools?
[16:09] Philled Graves: twice
[16:09] AJ Brooks: really?
[16:09] Zotarah Shepherd: Yes but only in trainings
[16:09] AJ Brooks: on mainland or private island
[16:09] Philled Graves: orbit works well minland
[16:09] AJ Brooks: lol
[16:09] AstroGrl Enzo: what are some of the defesive tools?
[16:09] Zotarah Shepherd: And one friend who enjoys being orbited lol
[16:09] AJ Brooks: right - mainland is always a problem
[16:09] Mercury Barnes: Yes, nphys, pshud, core.
[16:09] AJ Brooks: kill orbit hold
[16:10] AJ Brooks: tp home
[16:10] Zotarah Shepherd: I live on the mainland and rarely have any ?
[16:10] AJ Brooks: lucky duck
[16:10] Mercury Barnes: Never have to use them -- just put them on, they ?
hear the sound, problem resolved (so far...knock wood).
[16:10] AJ Brooks: you must live on the good side of the tracks
[16:10] AstroGrl Enzo: Has anyone experienced griefers in an education ?
[16:10] Zotarah Shepherd: Well when I first bought land there it was land ?
griefed 3 times in the first week haha
[16:10] AJ Brooks: lol you used up your times all at once
[16:11] Philled Graves: labled off\ensive tools ?
[16:11] Zotarah Shepherd: I guess
[16:11] AJ Brooks: the griefing question is a good one, we'll be devoting ?
an entire meeting to it in August
[16:11] Mercury Barnes: Good.
[16:11] Philled Graves: also has some sim monitoring tools if you're ?
interested in tracking sim performacne
[16:11] JeanClaude Vollmar: I haven't, but the libraries must have. They ?
put out a note about well know ones griefing libraries.
[16:11] AJ Brooks: not that we cant talk about it now - was just a note
[16:11] Delia Coleman: i was surprised that the very unexciting and ?
ghostown sim of Microsoft had pornography plastered all over it... the ?
Bill Gates gods had no idea... took them a few days to realise this
[16:12] Zotarah Shepherd: Hypatia also does a good basic griefing ?
awareness class
[16:12] AJ Brooks: lol
[16:12] JeanClaude Vollmar LOL
[16:12] AJ Brooks: how ironic and appropriate Delia
[16:12] Delia Coleman: *chuckles*
[16:12] Philled Graves: obsenity plastered over an obsenity.. i love it
[16:12] Delia Coleman: hehe
[16:12] AJ Brooks: lol what other tools do some of you like
[16:13] Geo Meek: is there a Apple ism in sl? =sim
[16:13] Zotarah Shepherd: Yesterday I saw the Sistine Chapel had some new ?
antigriefing processes in place.
[16:13] AJ Brooks: godo question
[16:13] Geo Meek: sorry just thinking
[16:13] AJ Brooks: beyond the "agree to this or be orbited" Z?
[16:14] Mercury Barnes: Thomas Conovers Flight Helper $L50 -- love it for ?
letting me go through walls easily.
[16:14] AJ Brooks: oh - another thing the mysti tool does - (sorry) lets ?
you fly as high as you want sorry :-)
[16:14] Philled Graves: Thomas Conover has a nice monitoring tool for sim ?
to simply track traffic and duration of stay
[16:14] AJ Brooks: really?
[16:14] Philled Graves: yep good stuff
[16:14] Zotarah Shepherd: I went to Vassar sim with Buridans group and ?
was surprised that anyone would grief the Sistine Chapel.
[16:14] AJ Brooks: anyone have a LM for his store
[16:14] Philled Graves: of course
[16:15] Mercury Barnes: It's actually kind of important to get folks a ?
flight feather, or something -- many SIMS, etc., are above the 250 m ?
[16:15] JeanClaude Vollmar: Does someone have an LM for TC store, stuff?
[16:15] Philled Graves: I"M the LMking
[16:15] AJ Brooks: Z - that has been in place for a while now - you ahve ?
to agree to the terms of be orbited away! LOL
[16:15] Philled Graves: except not in this avi's account ist inthe other one lol let me launchhim
[16:16] AJ Brooks: anyone else have any tools the like
[16:16] Zotarah Shepherd: I have a few flight items. If I didn't have a ?
flight feather on the TG I would not be able to get up to some of the ?
locations - like the NASA Space station. We cannot TP on our Eye4you.
[16:16] AJ Brooks: you can't TP on E4Y?
[16:16] Geo Meek: free tools?
[16:16] AJ Brooks: any tools
[16:16] Zotarah Shepherd: Right
[16:16] Mercury Barnes: Thomas tool also has a movelock -- actually kind ?
of important for managing griefers.
[16:16] Geo Meek: here
[16:17] Zotarah Shepherd: Unless someone sends one for you. We cannot use ?
the Maps
[16:17] Delia Coleman: are there any good free building tools out there? ?
for linking? packaging? rezzing?
[16:17] AJ Brooks: wow - is that just your island or all TG
[16:17] Delia Coleman: <3 as you can see I'm an oldie in SL (06'!) and ?
i've excited primarily on free everyting <3
[16:17] AJ Brooks: ty geo
[16:17] Zotarah Shepherd: I think some of the restrictions are just ?
[16:18] Geo Meek: i just passed you a free Flight Feather
[16:18] AJ Brooks: how many folks have been on since 06?
[16:18] Mercury Barnes: Me.
[16:18] Geo Meek: it free to copy
[16:18] AJ Brooks: I'm a month short - I came in in Jan 07
[16:18] Zotarah Shepherd: If an approved adult accidently TPed off ?
Eye4you the sim owner might be banned from SL. At least that is what I ?
[16:18] AJ Brooks: so mercury and delia
[16:18] Polaris Grayson: 04 here
[16:18] Terran Timeless: holy moly
[16:18] AJ Brooks: WHAT??????
[16:18] Geo Meek: im coming up on 2 years
[16:19] Delia Coleman: ok, ill pipe down Polaris
[16:19] AJ Brooks: WOW!!!! Polaris - great
[16:19] Terran Timeless: one of the first thousand
[16:19] Polaris Grayson: hehe np... Yas and I came in then
[16:19] Yasamine Grayson: 04 here
[16:19] Delia Coleman: but i am what LL dislikes, i imagine, a non-paying ?
[16:19] Zotarah Shepherd: Oh an Ancient SL!
[16:19] Delia Coleman: does any of us "old" folks still get the 50L ?
[16:19] AJ Brooks: wow - so we have three people here from 04 or before? thats amazing
[16:20] Delia Coleman: wow
[16:20] Zotarah Shepherd: Last week we had 3 Lindens here.
[16:20] AJ Brooks: well -ty for coming - you've seen a lot over time, and ?
I apprecaite your coming to hang out with us
[16:20] Polaris Grayson: had been on before when they had wire framed ?
avies, but didnt like it then
[16:20] Philled Graves: okay.. i have teh conover lm now too if someone ?
wants it
[16:20] Polaris Grayson: came back in 04
[16:20] Philled Graves: please im me directly
[16:20] Mercury Barnes: I know a few of the 03 crowd...:)
[16:21] AJ Brooks: so - you 04 folks - why do you stay? what brought you ?
here the first time tell us what its like - to be such a rarity in SL
[16:21] Polaris Grayson: There scare primarily
[16:21] AJ Brooks: ?
[16:21] Polaris Grayson: we liked the creativity and freedom THere was a game like sl
[16:21] Geo Meek: liked?
[16:21] Polaris Grayson: yes
[16:21] Zotarah Shepherd: A good place to get free teaching items is ?
Teacher Networking Center on EduIsland II. Lots of free things.I have the LM if anyone wants it.
[16:22] Yasamine Grayson: we like the freedom and creativity of sl
[16:22] Polaris Grayson: there was a rumor that there platform was being ?
sold to the military it was labeled there scare
[16:22] AJ Brooks: isn't Olive the one the milatary uses? ah - ok - now I get it
[16:22] Yasamine Grayson: also being able to meet ppl from all over the ?
[16:22] AJ Brooks: wow - thats amazing - such great historical ?
perspective you have
[16:23] Delia Coleman: i feel like such a n00b right now :-P
[16:23] Polaris Grayson: sl gave the last name therian to those who ?
wanted to come over
[16:23] AJ Brooks: lol - me too therian?
[16:23] Polaris Grayson: yes run it in search
[16:23] AJ Brooks: what is the importance
[16:23] Geo Meek: the Gov. has been in sl from the start
[16:23] Polaris Grayson: there were tons of therians
[16:23] Zotarah Shepherd: Wow I had no idea
[16:23] AJ Brooks: awesome I just had a great idea
[16:24] Geo Meek: :-)
[16:24] AJ Brooks: I think I'm going to put together a panel for one of ?
these meetings only those who have been in from 04 or before
[16:24] Polaris Grayson: the military wanted to use there as a training ?
sumulator i heard
[16:24] Geo Meek: ;et me know if you use voice
[16:24] Terran Timeless: good idea
[16:24] Geo Meek: =let
[16:24] Delia Coleman: i think i was drawn to the same thing... i had an ?
assistant professor in 05 doing his thesis on SL... and i was intrigued... ?
i love the idea of meeting people from all over the world, and that ?
combined with 3d design... hooked me ;-) ...
[16:24] Polaris Grayson: sl gave people money to recruit members in there ?
to convert to sl
[16:25] AJ Brooks: if you have been on since 04 and are here, please IM ?
me separately and let me know if you'd be intersted in being on a panel
[16:25] Polaris Grayson: like 1000 per person who came and stayed
[16:25] Zotarah Shepherd: Wow I never read about that in the SL books.
[16:25] AJ Brooks: wow - bribing peopel to leave There lol
[16:26] Polaris Grayson: was a big thing... we came over because friends ?
came not bribing... more of incentives
[16:26] AJ Brooks: this is truly amazing - thank you for shaing that wiht ?
us, I had no idea I hope you'll consider the panel our time is almost up - I'd like to remind peopel to ?
join our group or IM me if you want an invite
[16:26] Terran Timeless: should be filmed
[16:26] Zotarah Shepherd: I know some 04 who might come AJ.
[16:26] AJ Brooks: also to feel free to wander the islands here - check ?
things out
[16:26] Polaris Grayson: we love to teach, but the mentor group was such ?
a mess we left
[16:27] Delia Coleman: speaking of lindens... do you 04 or 06 people ?
still get your 50L a week stipend?
[16:27] AJ Brooks: feel free to tsay - also, I often don't leave until ?
the last person does
[16:27] Polaris Grayson: 500 here
[16:27] Delia Coleman: awesome i get my 50L hehe
[16:27] Polaris Grayson: every tuesday
[16:27] Delia Coleman: n00b!
[16:27] Zotarah Shepherd: I only get 300L : ( hehe
[16:27] Geo Meek: is the text from this metting posted to the web?
[16:27] AJ Brooks: can't you get them to upgradeyou to the 300 everyone ?
else gets
[16:28] Mercury Barnes: Mentors picked up the image of "cop" for a bit -- ?
not good.
[16:28] Geo Meek: i get 400 a week
[16:28] Philled Graves: that's for paid accounts
[16:28] Polaris Grayson: 500 here.. would be a down grade hehe
[16:28] AJ Brooks: teh chat tanscripts will eventually be posted in The ?
Huge Building, which is outside the amphitheater here - but I'm a little ?
[16:28] Delia Coleman: yes im not a paid acount
[16:28] AJ Brooks: oh - Polairs, yes, _ I meant Delia
[16:28] Polaris Grayson: oops
[16:28] Delia Coleman: oops
[16:28] Zotarah Shepherd: Well you also get lower tier fees and first ?
[16:28] AJ Brooks: ah - right - ok
[16:28] Geo Meek: to many peopel join the mentor group to be cops
[16:29] Yasamine Grayson: we miised out on the first land
[16:29] JeanClaude Vollmar: How do non-paid get stipends? Did I hear that ?
[16:29] Geo Meek: silly idea
[16:29] AJ Brooks: well - first land was only discontinued about a year ?
ago non-paids do not get stipends
[16:29] Delia Coleman: yea i know... i just do.. i think because my ?
account is old
[16:29] Geo Meek: is the text from this metting posted to the web?
[16:29] Delia Coleman: :-X hushs up then
[16:29] AJ Brooks: ooooooh - got it
[16:29] JeanClaude Vollmar: Oh, I see.
[16:29] Zotarah Shepherd: I have met one SL Mentor on a private sim who ?
did not follow the rules and we had to threaten ejection.
[16:29] AJ Brooks: Geo - [16:28] You: teh chat tanscripts will eventually ?
be posted in The Huge Building, which is outside the amphitheater here - ?
but I'm a little behind
[16:29] Polaris Grayson: yes... by the time you get in to sl, first land ?
really isnt much
[16:29] Delia Coleman: shhh don't tell the lindens
[16:30] Delia Coleman shouts: <3 love you linden people wherever you ?
[16:30] Delia Coleman: hehe
[16:30] AJ Brooks: so - no - we don't post to the web
[16:30] Mercury Barnes: :)
[16:30] AJ Brooks: well - we had three of them at our last meeting
[16:30] Polaris Grayson: met a couple of those, but have met some cool ?
ones like Path and Coffee
[16:30] AJ Brooks: Pathfinder, Claudia, and Prospoero
[16:30] Delia Coleman: they like me ... i met some former ones
[16:30] Zotarah Shepherd: Claudia Pathfinder and Prospero
[16:30] Mercury Barnes: Yes, I was impressed that Pathfinder came.
[16:30] Polaris Grayson: and Kona
[16:30] AJ Brooks: me too
[16:30] Delia Coleman: they're all into investing and making money
[16:30] AJ Brooks: :-)
[16:31] Polaris Grayson: hehe Yas hero
[16:31] You: Claudia... at the NECC 2008 conference... very helpful...
[16:31] Delia Coleman: i dont want to disturb the Linden gods
[16:31] AJ Brooks: the wrath lol
[16:31] Philled Graves: okay.. popping out.. yall be well
[16:31] Delia Coleman: teehee
[16:31] AJ Brooks: Philled take care
[16:31] Delia Coleman: bye Philled!
[16:31] Yasamine Grayson: take care hun
[16:31] AJ Brooks: when will you be moving in here?
[16:31] Zotarah Shepherd: Bye Philled
[16:32] AJ Brooks: thanks everyone for another great roundtable
[16:32] Mercury Barnes: Thanks...:)
[16:32] Doraemon Howley: thanks
[16:32] Geo Meek: ty
[16:32] Zotarah Shepherd: Thank youAJ
[16:32] GinaMarie Latte: BYE all. AAUW will have a meeting on Sunday the ?
20th at 5 PM SLT to talk about how we can use SL to get out the Women's ?
vote. Join us if you can at Gender Square
[16:32] Grace Blitz: thank you Aj :)
[16:33] JeanClaude Vollmar: Yes, as always. Great stuff!.
[16:33] AJ Brooks: any other announcemnts?
[16:33] GinaMarie Latte: Thanks
[16:33] JeanClaude Vollmar: Bye all.
[16:33] Geo Meek: in voice?
[16:33] AJ Brooks: bye JC
[16:33] Zotarah Shepherd: Great Gina!
[16:33] Delia Coleman: i've been a part of this group forever and i've ?
never been to one thing... well one eventall the way through..
[16:33] Delia Coleman: here here to AJ and his good advertising skills!
[16:33] AJ Brooks: TY Delia
[16:33] AJ Brooks blushs sometimes I worry that peopel get annoyed
[16:34] Movies1963 Beck: have a good evening everyone
[16:34] AJ Brooks: I jsut want to make sure that folks get the word
[16:34] Geo Meek: let me know when you deside to use voice im why to slow ?
to use text
[16:34] Delia Coleman: nah! i need constant reminders
[16:34] AJ Brooks: ok :-) once the SL group builds up some, I might stop ?
notifying ALL of the groups I sent notes to its a lot of work right before the meeting time to play magic flying chairs wheeeee i love doing that
[16:35] Yasamine Grayson: hehe
[16:35] AJ Brooks: lol
[16:35] Polaris Grayson: lol
[16:35] Delia Coleman: eeep Eeeep! eeps. hi AJ
[16:35] Geo Meek: Help Help Somebody Save me HELP!!!
[16:35] Catherine Soderstrom: thanks AJ- interesting conversation tonight ?
[16:36] Delia Coleman: hah am im to be booted next
[16:36] AJ Brooks: TY Catheringe usually we are more focused open forums tend to be more shall I say
[16:36] Geo Meek: right
[16:36] AJ Brooks: chaotic
[16:36] Zotarah Shepherd: Bye AJ and everyone. See you next week if not ?
before. *smiles*
[16:36] AJ Brooks: Bye Z
[16:36] Catherine Soderstrom grins. That's the nature of the beast :)
[16:36] AJ Brooks: hugs as always
[16:36] Delia Coleman: ooo i liked it
[16:37] AJ Brooks: the meetings, focused or open, are alwasy informative, ?
I'm told
[16:37] Catherine Soderstrom: I plan to! Thanks again!
[16:37] Polaris Grayson: but if you thrive in chaos.... you are the only ?
one that knows whats going on.... manager taught me that hehe
[16:37] AJ Brooks: lol - thats great Polaris TY!
[16:37] Polaris Grayson: :-)
[16:38] Delia Coleman: goodies! oldies but im sexay lol!! oops
[16:38] AJ Brooks: lol
[16:38] Delia Coleman: terrets
[16:38] Grace Blitz: bye all, it was very interesting :)
[16:38] AJ Brooks: bye grace thanks for coming
[16:38] Delia Coleman: nice to meet you Grace X)
[16:38] Grace Blitz: c ya all next week yw
[16:38] Polaris Grayson: bye grace
[16:38] Grace Blitz: likewise :)
[16:39] Yasamine Grayson: have a good evening Grace
[16:39] Grace Blitz: bye you too!
[16:39] AJ Brooks: any one has any big travel plans?
[16:40] Polaris Grayson: nah.. keeping home
[16:40] Yasamine Grayson: same here
[16:40] AJ Brooks: cost so much tot ravel, with fuile the way it is
[16:40] Yasamine Grayson: sure does
[16:40] Polaris Grayson: yeah
[16:40] AJ Brooks: *fuel tonights meeting was different